Wednesday, October 31, 2012


There are so many people who have lost everything this week because of the damaging winds and rain from Hurricane Sandy.  It is so sad watching the news and see horrible sights such as an entire neighborhood on fire, homes ripped off their foundations, and to hear of the loss of life.  It is heartbreaking knowing that some of these displaced families do not live near extended family to help them through this tragedy.  We need to pray for the millions of people who are out of power and for those who have lost so much.  Let's pray that they will experience God's love and provision in such a powerful way.  As I continue on in the book of Matthew, Jesus had some warnings about where we place our hearts; please read Matthew 6:19-24.

Jesus warns us the dangers of treasuring the things of this world that are only temporary.  As we have witnessed, we can lose so much so quickly and He warns us about placing are hope and trust in such things. He reminds us that it is critical that we place our hope and build treasures in heaven.  I have so much growing to do because I grieve for the people who have lost so much in the last few days and it has made me reflect on the fact that I have so many things that I don't want to lose.  But Jesus tells us that if we store up treasures in heaven, we will not lose them.  Have you ever wondered what those heavenly treasures could be?  I would love to share some of my perspective that has grown over the last few years.

As I have learned to dig deeper in the Bible and learned to spend time with God, I have found that there are so many treasures that He has to share with us.  God has an endless supply of riches and gems that He wants to place in our hearts - gems that bring us closer to Him.  In the time we spend with Him, we learn to listen to Him and He speaks such beautiful things.  We receive treasures in the Bible that no one can steal from us; treasures such as truth, life, and hope.  The more of these gems we begin to collect, the more our heart yearns for them and experiences great joy when we receive another.  I just cannot stress enough how God changes the desires of our heart the more we spend in His Word and in prayer with Him.  It doesn't happen overnight; it happens over time.

Are you building up heavenly treasures that no one can take away from you?

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  1. He knows my name.. singing w/in me as i read the words ~
    He is THE Gem!


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