Monday, November 19, 2012

His Purpose

Some of you may remember the old Maytag commercials where they boasted of their machines' reliability by showing a lonely, bored repair man.  Since the machines were well designed, the claim was that their repair men had nothing to do because the machines never broke down.  But, if you think about it, if nothing ever broke down repair men would never exist.  Think about the tech guys at your workplace - so much of their job is fixing problems.  If there were no problems with technology, their job wouldn't exist.  Everything eventually breaks down; the mere fact that repair men exist show us that things break!  How about a doctor?  The doctor can really only treat the patient that knows they are sick because they wouldn't be visiting the doctor.  Jesus came to a broken and sick world in order to draw people to Him as their healer.  Please read how Jesus began to reveal His purpose for coming to earth in Matthew 9:1-13.

The first thing we read in these verses is Jesus forgiving and healing the paralyzed man.  Notice how He first forgives the man, which is scandalous in the Pharisees' eyes.  They did not recognize His authority to forgive and they became offended by His actions.  But then, notice that the crowd stuck around to see Him physically heal the man.  The next story we read was Jesus calling the tax collector, Matthew to follow Him.  Think about that fact for a moment.  He didn't call the teachers of the law, he called a sinner to follow Him.  The Pharisees were then offended by Jesus eating with a whole group of sinners.  Jesus' response was one that told them that this was His purpose for coming.

Here's the thing, Jesus points out that all these people knew they were sinners.  They didn't believe for one moment that they had a righteousness that would save them.  They knew they were broken.  In the first story, we see that Jesus wanted to give a spiritual healing that would surpass any physical healing the paralyzed man would experience.  His eternal healing was far more important than anything.  Matthew recognized that Jesus was willing to be with him even though he was obviously a sinner.  He understood this so much that he invited all his friends to come meet Jesus.  Jesus came to forgive those who knew they were sinners.  He came to make a way for those who were sure that they had no hope.  He came to heal their hearts.  Just as the doctor can help those who know they need help; Jesus can bring new life to those who know that they have no life.  None of us has a righteousness on our own that can save us; we can never be good enough.  When we recognize that we are all sinners and need a savior, we can then go to Jesus who can forgive us.  That is His purpose!

Have you gone to Jesus for forgiveness?

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