Monday, November 5, 2012

Just Ask

If you are a parent, you understand how a child can ask for something several times until they hear a final answer.  What I have learned is to be consistent - if I tell them no, they understand that it means no. However, if I am unsure what my decision is and I tell them that I will think about it, they are very quick to keep coming back to find out if I have made my choice.  Sometimes it is good because I have forgotten to put any thought into the matter and their asking again reminds me to make a decision.  In the verses I am looking at, we are told that God will always give us what is best for us so we can ask Him!  Please read Matthew 7:7-12.

We are told in these verses that when we ask God, we will receive what is best.  When we seek Him, we will find Him.  What beautiful promises that our Father gives to us!  Jesus even shows us that He is better than our parents here on earth who want to give good things to their children.  If parents who are not perfect are able and want to give good things, how much more does our Creator and Father want to give us good things.  Things that will be best for us; things that will grow us.  When we are truly seeking after God's heart, we will receive that which we are searching.  Remember, earlier during the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told us that God already knows what we need.

The thing I find interesting is that Jesus then says what we know as the "Golden Rule":  Do to others what we would have them do to us.  Don't you think that statement just doesn't quite fit in with what He was just talking about?  In fact, the NLT Bible separates it with a new header from the rest of the text.  But, we always need to ask ourselves why Jesus said something at the moment He said it.  Jesus had a purpose for everything and it is important to remember that includes how and when He said something.  Why, after talking about good gifts from our Father would He tell us how to treat other people?

Perhaps it was a reminder that just as we desire loving treatment from God, we are also to treat other people with love.  Maybe this goes beyond how we expect to be treated by fellow humans.  Jesus may have been telling us that just as we are treated by our Heavenly Father, we should be treating others with that same standard - with love and care and to desire what is best for others.  After all, we need to remember the overall context in which Jesus was telling us this command.  Preceding this verse, Jesus tells us not to worry because God will always provide.  He tells us to ask for everything.  We are reminded to love even our enemies.  We are told to care for the poor and needy.  We are told that money isn't what brings us life.  So, if we understand that our walk with God requires sacrifice on our part; we can also trust that God will provide all that we need in its place - just ask.  So we can sacrifice of ourselves and treat others with respect and godly love and trust that God will provide what we need in order to accomplish this task.  Just ask and we will receive what we need in all situations!  How great God's love is for us!

Do you believe that if you sacrifice to treat others the way we want to be treated that God will give us what we need in order to complete the task?

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  1. The more I discover about my Heavenly Father's unconditional love and care for me, the more my identity as a beloved child in the King's family becomes real. I am a transformed person through this discovery.


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