Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trust in God's Provision

Going on a mission trip has a dramatic way of changing your perspective.  When I went to Zambia two years ago, I was humbled by the many people who were living on one or two meals a day yet still praised God.  I was humbled by meeting families who all slept in one room of their tiny home, but found great joy in God.  And meeting the man who was diagnosed with HIV and lost both legs to diabetes and lived on his own even though he had no way to support himself, but he treasured the Bible we gave him as the most precious gift he had received.  It made me realize all the more how much God had blessed my family and understand that there is a great responsibility that comes with those blessings.  While my family would not be considered rich, compared to much of the world, we are wealthy.  Going to Zambia helped me understand this all the more.  It gave me the perspective of what I considered a need was really more of a want based on what my culturing was telling me I needed.  Jesus reminded us that God is our great Provider and He already knows our needs and will provide.  Please read Matthew 6:25-34.

Yesterday, I looked at how Jesus reminded us that we are to place God above money and that our true treasure is what we are building up in heaven.  We find true treasure through Christ, reading the Bible, and in prayer not in the material things of this world.  Let's keep that perspective as we read Jesus' words in Matthew 6:26, "That is why I tell you not to worry about every day life..."  Are any of you worriers out there?  I can be the first to admit that have spent many sleepless nights worrying about how a bill was going to be paid or how we were going to afford a field trip.  I've spent those nights worrying about jobs when we saw friends struggling through the loss of a job.  But, in these verses Jesus tells us that we are not to worry about those things.

He is not saying to be irresponsible and lead a life of incompetence.  He is reminding us that when we have our priorities in the right place and we are seeking God, all the other things will fall into place because God knows what we need.  I can tell of so many amazing stories of God's provision for me and my husband through our years of marriage.  One example is the furniture that we currently have in our living room.  After seven years of marriage, my husband was called into ministry and we moved to suburban Milwaukee, where he began his journey in ministry.  Shortly after moving, I began hosting and leading a women's small group in our home.  Our furniture was furniture that my aunt and uncle had given us a few years before and we updated it by having my father-in-law re-upholster the furniture.  This worked for several years, but after having so many people use the furniture during the small group meetings, the couch broke and we were told by my father-in-law that it was beyond repair because the frame was cracking.  A little while later, another pastor in the area called us and asked us if we could use some nice furniture for the living room because there was someone in his church who was replacing theirs.  When we received the furniture, it was high-quality and spotless and we are still using it to this day so many years later.  God knew what we needed and He provided so we could continue to serve Him.

Do you trust that God knows what you need?  Do you trust that He will provide exactly what is best for you?

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