Friday, November 2, 2012

Visual Impairment

Jesus had so many things to say that really spoke to those who were "religious" and not necessarily to the lost.  He often was addressing the problems that those who worship God can struggle with that can severely affect their walk with God.  He peered deep in the hearts of those who considered themselves as pious and showed great gaps and caverns in our thoughts and behavior.  Today's verses continue to show us some problematic thinking that we can all have and reminds us again that if our focus is where it should be, we can be spared so much trouble.  Please read Matthew 7:1-6.

Don't judge.  How many of you can admit along with me that you are guilty of breaking this simple command.  There really isn't a whole lot of explanation that needs to go along with this statement except that He warns us that we will be judged in the same manner in which we judge others.  Instead, Jesus tells us that if we are focusing on our own relationship with God, we will find enough things that need to be fixed in us that will keep us quite busy.  He points out that are own issues create a vision impairment that actually keeps us from truly seeing someone else's problems.  So, He tells us instead to take out the plank in our own eyes that is impairing our vision.

Think about His analogy for a moment.  It is interesting, because if our heart issues are visual impairments we can also realize that it also causes us problems seeing our Heavenly Father.  How can we walk in His steps if we cannot see where we are going.  Let's stop worrying about someone else's visual impairment and work on our own blindness!

Are you focusing on your neighbor or yourself when judging?

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  1. Sharon,
    Dr. Gary Chapman, of the 5 Love Languages fame, makes a similar point in regard to marriage. He says when we stop pointing out the splinter in our spouse's eye, and begin to work on the plank in our own, our marriage automatically improves. Wow, now that's a sure-fire way to grow a marriage toward godliness, even if our spouses don't cooperate. Win win situation if you ask me. I'm visiting today from Be Not Weary.

  2. The name of your blog caught my attention. (I do a blog about the names of God, and I wondered if this was about His names for me!)


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