Monday, November 26, 2012

What Is Your Response?

We are coming up to Christmas, and there will be many children getting excited about Santa Claus.  When my children were younger, I had interesting dynamics going on in regards to Santa.  One child knew there was no Santa Claus, another child believed in Santa wholeheartedly, and one child was pretty sure there wasn't a Santa but really wanted to believe.  My husband and I never really made a big deal about Santa, so their responses were from what they were exposed to in the culture.  But isn't it interesting how different each of their responses were?  In life, there are two choices we have in response to God: believe or not believe.  There really isn't any other response.  Of course there is always the person who questions and wonders about God; however, if they haven't stepped over into belief in God they don't believe.  The verses I am looking at today show a few different responses that people had when they experienced Jesus and witnessed His power.  Please read Matthew 9:18-34.

The first few responses to Jesus are of great faith in Him.  First is the synagogue official who knew that Jesus could heal his dead daughter.  Does this amaze you at all?  His daughter was dead, but he didn't look at it as the end for her if Jesus would come and heal her.  The other act of faith was the women with the bleeding problem who knew that Jesus would heal her if she would just get a hold of His robe.  She didn't even need to talk to Him or touch Him, she just wanted to get a hold of His robe.  The next moment of faith was presented by the two blind men who knew that Jesus could heal them.  They knew this so much that they followed Him into the house where He was staying.  Finally, someone brought a man who was demon possessed and couldn't speak to Jesus.

But there is one more response mentioned in these verses.  Unbelief.  The Pharisees witnessed the healing; however, their response was that He healed the man of demons because He received His power by the prince of demons.  No matter how much good they witnessed of Jesus, they refused to believe that He was the Messiah.  They refused to believe that He was of God!

We see these responses that are so different because the first several responses to Christ were of total faith.  They knew that Jesus was their hope for healing; they knew that Jesus could do what they needed Him to do.  And then there was the response from those who watched Him so carefully - a response of unbelief.  But the bigger question to ask yourself is what is your response. We may not see Jesus in physical form; however, we can look around us and see the evidence of Him.  I see the man who literally changed from a angry, bitter person to a person filled with joy and compassion when he came to know Jesus as his Savior.  I've seen countless healings as a result of prayer.  I have personally experienced freedom and healing from childhood hurt.  I choose to believe.

What do you choose?

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