Friday, December 7, 2012

Clever or Childlike?

When we were children, we believe everything that our parents told us; we knew that they were bigger than us and that they knew more than us.  When we were teens, we thought we knew all and understood all and that our parents didn't really know what they were talking about.  As teens, we had a lot of education, but little experience.  The reality was that we had no understanding of the burdens adults carry and that they had a lot of experience to share with us.  As we get older, each experience brings us more understanding and greater burdens.  In fact, doesn't seem that the more we understand the greater our burdens become?  But, Jesus told us that following Him doesn't have to be that way.  Please read Matthew 11:25-30.

The first thing that Jesus does is praise God for revealing knowledge of Him to those who were child-like in their belief.  Jesus saw that God revealed Himself to those who were humble enough to believe and accept what He had to say.  He didn't reveal this knowledge to those who had sophisticated thoughts and ideas because they were already sure they knew everything they needed to know.  The problem with the more sophisticated thinking is that it carries heavy burdens and requirements.

Jesus used some terms that He knew His disciples would understand such as "yoke."  A yoke was something placed on oxen or cattle to guide and direct them.  But the word yoke was also used in relation to rabbis and their disciples.  A disciple of a rabbi did everything that the rabbi did.  The rabbi had some rules or laws that the disciple had to follow.  Those rules were often referred to as a "yoke."  Jesus was telling those who were listening to Him that following Him didn't carry heavy burdens or a difficult yoke.  He said that we just need to remain child-like and accept that we do not know all and we can trust what God reveals to us.  As long as we follow in Jesus' footsteps and remain humble, Jesus will reveal our Father to us.  He will tell us what we need to know.

This life has very heavy burdens for us to carry; however, Jesus calls us to Him so we can have rest.  He tells us that He is the teacher we need and He will be humble and gentle with us.  Think on that for a moment; our Creator was telling us that He is humble!  Isn't He beautiful?  When we give up our heavy burdens and difficult yokes, we find that life with Jesus is amazing and wonderful.  He still calls us in to action; however, He gives us what we need to do the work right when we need it.

Do you believe yourself clever or do you have a child-like faith?  Can you give up your heavy burden and choose to take up the yoke of Jesus?

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  1. I love these verses in Matthew. Whenever I read them I '....sigh' am so encouraged by a weight lifted. As to your question; Sometimes I 'think' I'm clever enough to carry the burden, but I'm daily learning to be more child-like in my faith.
    Thanks for writing about this today!
    Blessings to you!

    1. It is a relief to know that we don't have to know it fact when we let go of that we can learn more!


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