Thursday, December 13, 2012

Empowered by God's Spirit

The verses I am looking at this morning have really been difficult for me to write about.  I have started and stopped so many times that I was ready to give up.  I think I changed the title three times!  But then I took a breath and realized that I was reading about the empowerment of the Holy Spirit which is what I pray for each day.  I pray that God would use the Holy Spirit to help me understand what I am reading and that the Holy Spirit would write these posts through me.  This is because I don't trust my own opinion; however, I trust the Holy Spirit.  So as I was staring at a blank slate this morning, all of a sudden I realized that I was focusing too much on wanting to write a good introduction rather than write what the Holy Spirit was speaking to my heart.  I was focusing too much on the post than I was on what God wanted to teach me today.  Because of my wrong focus, I wasn't hearing God.  But that was exactly what God was wanting me to learn.  Please read Matthew 12:22-30.

After healing a demon possessed man, people began to question whether or not Jesus was the long awaited Messiah.  But the Pharisees refused to believe that truth and declared he was casting out demons because He was empowered by Satan.  Jesus knew their thoughts and spoke against them. He explained that if He were casting out demons by the power of Satan, then Satan was fighting against himself.  But, Jesus went on and explained that if Jesus was casting out demons by the power of God's Spirit, then the Kingdom of God had arrived.  Jesus told them that only by the Spirit of God could Satan be tied up and plundered.

Here is the lesson in all this: all that we do for God is done by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. We cannot rely on ourselves because we will eventually fail.  We can do what God called us to do because the Holy Spirit dwells in us and gives us our abilities.  Just as I was depending on myself to write this post and was failing horribly, I will fail at all my attempts to serve God without His help.  He wants us to serve Him and I think it is an honor to serve Him, but we can only serve Him through Him.  Isn't that amazing?

Do you rely on the Holy Spirit in order to serve God?

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  1. "I will fail at all my attempts to serve God without His help." when i stop and try to wrap my mind around this truth, i am FLOORED. thanks for the reminder....


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