Wednesday, December 19, 2012

God's Family

Each morning, I pray for my husband and my children.  God has blessed me greatly through them and I love them dearly.  My mom, brother, and sister are often included in my prayers as well as my husband's family.  As they are brought to mind, I also pray for extended family.  We do not live near either of our families, so we do not get to see them very often.  Our families are literally spread across the country (coast to coast) and it saddens us that we just cannot see all of them.  We miss them, and our children miss playing with their cousins.  But, being a part of the family of God, we are blessed with brothers and sisters that we can see each week at church.  These are the people who were able to provide us some meals when we moved into our current home and helped us move out of our old apartment.  These are the people who let us borrow a car when ours is in the shop or help pick up a kiddo from school when we have to be in two places at once.  These are the people who will drop what they are doing so they can pray with us.  Trust me, if we lived near any of our families they would all do the same and we would for them (in fact, my sister once let us live at her house for two weeks when we were waiting to move into a new house).  But, since we do not have our families nearby, God has shown us in beautiful ways what it means to be a part of His family.  Please read Matthew 12:46-50.

In these verses, Jesus was pointing out the idea of being a part of a bigger family.  Consider the fact that even though we have heard the term, "family of God," since we gave our life over to Christ, this was one of the first time this society was introduced to the truth behind those words.  Jesus wasn't saying that He didn't care about His mother and brothers; He was pointing out that those who truly worship God were part of His heavenly family.  This is the family that will stand through all ages.  We are bonded together through Christ and it is so important to remember that these people who we sit with in church are more than friends or weekly attenders; these people are our family.  When we read in the Bible the phrase, "dear brothers and sisters," it is not just a religious term; we really are a family for eternity!

So, when you are worshiping in church this weekend and for Christmas  remember that you are spending time with your family.  If you are unable to spend Christmas with your family, be blessed by the eternal family God has given you!

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