Friday, December 14, 2012

In the Heart

I just bought some oranges through a high school band fundraiser.  When I got the oranges, I was impressed by the size of the fruit, but the skin wasn't a bright orange like we see in the store.  That didn't matter because when I tasted the fruit it was amazing!  Such a sweet, juicy orange!  On the flip side, earlier in the fall I bought some oranges that looked beautiful; however, when I tasted the fruit I was so disappointed at the bland flavor.  The way the fruit looks on the outside doesn't determine the taste on the inside.  Ultimately, it is the taste of the fruit that matters, not so much the look of the fruit.  The verses I am looking at also talk about the fact that it is what is inside our hearts that counts.  Please read Matthew 12:30-37.

Yesterday, I explored what Jesus said to the Pharisees who accused Him of casting out demons with the power given to Him by Satan.  Jesus told them that if it was through Satan, then Satan was casting out himself.  But He went on to explain that it was the power of the Holy Spirit that allowed Him to overpower Satan.  So, today we pick up with Jesus telling them that if they oppose Him, they are working against Him.  But He went on with that statement and said that anyone who isn't working with Him is working against Him.  Have you ever considered that if you are not doing God's work, you are working against Him?  Let's keep going to explore what that means.

Jesus continued to explain that it is unforgivable to speak against the Holy Spirit.  This verse is probably one of the most questioned statement that Jesus makes because everyone wants to know what blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is.  But I think Jesus continued explanation of speaking against the Holy Spirit is what we need to look at.  Basically, the Pharisees had all the knowledge they needed to know the Messiah, yet when He was there they couldn't recognize Him.  In a sense, they relied so much on their knowledge that they refused to see what the Spirit was showing them.  In fact, they not only didn't recognize the Spirit's work, but they actually claimed that His work was Satan's work.

Jesus continued to point out that this happened because of what was in their hearts.  He told them that if there is evil in our hearts we will give bad products.  If there is good in our hearts, we will give good products.  But the only way we will truly have good in our hearts is if we are following Christ.  We will have the Holy Spirit in our hearts producing the fruit that God desires.  Jesus points out that what we say is the evidence of what is in our hearts.  It is not so much that we need to say the right things; we need to have the Holy Spirit do the right things in our heart.  In order to work with Christ, we need the Holy Spirit.  In order to have the Holy Spirit, we need to believe and follow Jesus.

What is in your heart?

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