Tuesday, January 22, 2013

At the Foot of the Mountain

When my mom was visiting our family this summer, we took her with us on a waterfall hunt.  I had learned that the area around Hamilton, Ontario was full of waterfalls and that there were some nice hiking trails leading to some of them.  So, off to Hamilton we went and spent several hours hiking and looking at a few waterfalls.  One of the trails in particular was a beautiful hike and led us to two waterfalls; however at the end we found ourselves feeling quite tired.  After a lot of hiking on a warm day, we were very thirsty and getting hungry.  The kids were starting to get grumpy as a result - this was not exactly the way I wanted to end a nice day.  But, sometimes life is like that isn't it?  We can have a wonderful moment but eventually it is time to return to real life and face all our responsibilities.  The scene we are looking at today is similar.  Peter, James, and John just had an unforgettable moment with Jesus at the top of the mountain.  But they eventually had to come back down and face all the pressures and problems that life can bring.  Let's take a look at what happened.  Please read Matthew 17:14-20.

In these verses, we see that a large crowd was waiting for them to come down from the mountain.  Have you ever been there?  Maybe you are coming back from a vacation only to find life's many demands crowding your door waiting for you.  That is not a great feeling, is it?  At the foot of the mountain, we find a father with a demon-possessed boy waiting for Jesus to heal him.  He explains that the disciples were unable to cast out the demon.  Jesus' response was to rebuke the faithlessness of the people.  That is an interesting response, isn't it?  In a sense they appear to be showing faith by waiting for Jesus to come and take of things, but Jesus saw things beyond the outward appearance.  He was pointing out what the true issue was.

We can believe that God can heal us and do anything; however, do we live like He can do anything?  Do we believe that God wants what is best for us?  Going through the motions isn't enough - Jesus wants us to believe!  So, in these verses, we see that there are disciples who had the opportunity to cast out demons and were excited a few chapters back (Matthew 10), but now they are unable to do it.  Jesus explained to them that they had to have more faith.  Even though Jesus was on the mountain with others, they needed to believe that they still had the authority to do it.

We are not always going to be at the top of the mountain with Jesus and often we are faced with challenges when we come down from the mountain.  But, no matter where we are we have the power and authority that Jesus promised us in His Name.  He just wants us to believe in His authority over all things.  So even when we feel like someone else is with Jesus at the top of the mountain, we can believe that He knows what is going on at the foot of the mountain.

Are you feeling like you are at the foot of the mountain right now?  Do you believe that Jesus has still given you His authority?

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