Friday, January 11, 2013

Believe God

Reading through Matthew, I've noticed a theme that seems to keep coming back and one that Jesus seemed to emphasize in His interactions with people.  Faith.  He didn't emphasize knowledge, in fact, He seemed to accept that not everyone was going to have an extensive religious education.  But the theme that seemed to be recurring was His emphasis on faith.  Faith.  It's a pretty basic idea, isn't it?  You see, He just wants people to believe Him.  Believe Him.  So far what I've noticed in Matthew is that He either rebuked people for a lack of faith or did amazing things in response to great faith.  The verses I am looking at continue on with this theme; please click on the link and read Matthew 15:21-28.

Isn't this an interesting interaction?  Jesus declared what His mission was and why He was sent to earth, yet this woman continued to ask for help.  Why did she continue?  Because she believed that Jesus could heal her daughter.  Notice that she didn't even flinch when Jesus referred to anyone who was not a Jew (Gentile) a dog.  Instead she took it back to Him and reminded Him that even dogs get scraps from the table.  But noticed that she called Him Lord - she recognized His authority to make things happen.  She recognized His spiritual authority and knew that He could heal her daughter.  Then Jesus acknowledge her faith and He healed her daughter because her faith was great.

So much happens when we believe God.  I'm not saying believe in God - although that is a first step in faith - I'm saying believe God.  Believe what He says; believe who He is; believe He will do what He says.  Faith.  I'm not saying that learning more about God and what that means in our lives isn't important, because when we have faith adding to our understanding is one thing that increases our faith.  But, faith is the thing that lasts.

Do you believe God?

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  1. Beautiful!

    I love the Word and yes, I believe God. He is amazing. He is powerful. He is MY Almighty!



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