Tuesday, January 29, 2013

God's Little Ones

I really enjoy working with young children.  In fact, up until the last three years I have spent my entire married life working with children at church.  My husband is a children's pastor and prior to going into ministry he worked with children as a music educator.  Aside from the fact that children are so cute and say the best things, I enjoy working with them because of their innocence.  There is something so refreshing when we get a glimpse of what absolute trust looks like.  You see, the more we live life and the more we experience pain and betrayal, the more jaded our world-view can become.  Most young children; however, haven't had the experiences in life that would make them full of cynicism and it is so refreshing to hear their world view.  Yesterday, I looked at some verses where Jesus explained that we need to have the absolute trust that a child displays.  That humility and trust in God is what He considers honorable.

But, even though most children get to keep their innocence throughout their childhood, there are those who experience horrible things that would even be difficult on an adult.  So, while my husband and I have always enjoyed the cute answers and innocence of a child, there are times that we have seen children go through difficult things.  It is so heart-breaking when we see a young child say things that even an adult shouldn't say, but they are only repeating something they heard.  It is very difficult to reconcile how anyone would want to hurt a precious child.  We've struggled having to watch a young child suffer the consequences of a parent's terrible choices.  I had a difficult childhood, so I guess that is why it is so hard when I see a young child suffer at the hands of an adult and lose their innocence.  But I can also testify that God was with me the entire time and He brought me a wholeness and healing that only He can give.  Jesus explains this in the verses I am looking at today.  Please click on the link and read Matthew 18:5-14.

Those are some pretty strong warnings that Jesus issues!  He warns against our own inclination to sin; however, He also warns against causing a young child to sin.  I don't know about you, but doesn't this speak to how it makes God feel when we expose our young, innocent children to sinful things?  But notice further down when Jesus tells the parable of the lost sheep.  What love that speaks as well.  You see, God is the shepherd that draws those who are lost back into His flock.  Jesus tells us that God doesn't want anyone of those little children to lose their life.  He will continue to seek them out and draw them in.  I can say from my own experience that God didn't want to lose me and at some very critical times in my life He placed some people and experiences that reminded me of His love.  We can and should cry about the pain of a young child; however, we can also pray the promise of God's love into that child.  There is always hope.

Do you know a young child that is hurting?  Do you believe that God doesn't want to lose them?  How are you praying life into that child?

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  1. when i read your first question, i immediately thought of my 48 students....oh lord, help me love them best. amen.

    1. I believe God puts us where He can use us. That is 48 students that are being prayed over! I love that God put that on your heart.


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