Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How Do You Learn?

When I was still practicing music therapy, I went to a class on the brain.  Keep in mind this was several years ago and there is even more up to date information about the brain now, but while I took the class the idea of different learning styles was just taking off.  Instead of having teachers say they noticed that students learned differently from each other, there was actual evidence through research on the brain that showed that people responded differently to stimuli.  This gave rise to the idea that those different responses affected learning.  This research still plays a role in how teachers are trained to teach to a wide variety of students.  Teachers are taught how each learning style can be approached in the classroom and on occasion I can see how my children's school uses some of those techniques.  But how do we learn about God?  Jesus this to us; please click on the link and read Matthew 16:13-20.

This scene shows one of those private moments that the disciples had with Jesus.  Here we see Jesus getting a feel for what was being said about Him, but then He turns it back to His disciples and ask them who they believed He is.  Simon Peter answered, "You are the Messiah, the son of the living God."  But Jesus response was interesting because He told Peter that he didn't learn that from any person, God revealed that truth to him.  Don't you find that interesting?  We often place so much value on what we need to learn at church, but the reality is that God will reveal to us what we need to know.  No amount of classes and research will make us understand, it is God working on our hearts that will give us the understanding we need.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not bashing classes and doing things to help you understand the Bible better.  In fact, I believe that God uses people and classes to help us learn at times.  But I think we often place too much value on knowledge and learning than on our relationship with God.  Often the learning comes through the time we spend with God and seeking Him.  As we need to understand something, He will reveal it to us.  It may be through a whisper in our hearts or an experience we face.  He may use someone else to speak a truth to us or a pastor's sermon.  But the one thing we have to remember that any truth we learn about Him comes to us from Him.  And as we read what Jesus says about the truth that He is the Messiah and His church that is built on that truth - there is nothing that will destroy it!  We need to spend time with God every day in prayer and in the Bible and ask Him to reveal to us what we need to know today.

Do you believe that God will give you the understanding you need today?  Do you believe that you know the truth about Jesus because God has revealed it to you?

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