Thursday, January 3, 2013

Of Great Value

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When it comes to musical instruments, you usually get what you pay for although every now and then you find a wonderful instrument in an unlikely place.  When I was in high school, I was already practicing and planning to major in music therapy, auditioning on the flute.  I had the opportunity to learn what college auditions were like because a friend who was one year older auditioned during my junior year in high school.  Her flute teacher owned several very expensive flutes and let her use one of them during one of her auditions.  She brought it to school and let me play on it.  That was when I learned the value of a great instrument.  While I had a pretty tone on my instrument; I had to work to make it sound nice.  On the other flute, I was amazed at how that instrument made it easy to have a full, beautiful sound.  With that said, the other day a new beginner flute student showed me her instrument and asked me to play on it.  This was just a student model; however, the sound it produced amazed me!  It was an unknown maker to me and only cost them a little over $100 dollars, but it produced a full, rich sound.  This was most definitely an unlikely gem.

Jesus compared finding the Kingdom of Heaven with finding something of great value; please use this link and read Matthew 13:44-52.  The first two comparisons that Jesus made about the Kingdom of Heaven were about treasure.  The first was a man who found a hidden treasure in a field.  He hid it and sold everything he had to buy the field and regain the treasure.  The other example was a man who knew the value of pearls and when he found the best pearl he sold everything he owned to buy the pearl.  The last example was most definitely an example that Jesus' disciples could easily relate to because they were fishermen.  Jesus said that just as a fisherman sort the bad from the good fish, God will sort the wicked from the righteous.

Yesterday, I mentioned that the Jewish leaders taught that the kingdom that God promised to establish would save them from the Roman rule.  But Jesus was showing them that God had a much greater kingdom He was establishing - the Kingdom of Heaven.  God was establishing the kingdom through Jesus.  Jesus established the kingdom by humbling Himself and coming to earth as a man.  He lived a faultless life and chose to take all our sins on His shoulders and pay the price for us.  He died on the cross, but He also had victory over death three days later and the thing that amazes me the most is that He shares the victory with us!  Jesus was showing us that God had a plan and a gem of great value that would come in a way that was unexpected.  The only price we have to pay for this great gem is our pride - pride because we have to accept that we sin and need a Savior.  We just need to believe!

Do you choose to believe in this unlikely treasure?  Are you willing to humble yourself and believe that Jesus is your Savior?

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  1. I agree! Setting aside our pride is absolutely necessary to receive the gift of grace. Thank you for this important reminder.


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