Wednesday, January 9, 2013

To Walk On Water

There is a scene in the animated movie, The Incredibles, that has one of the members of a superhero family run so fast that he can skim the top of water.  It is a funny scene because he is running away from the enemy and he sees the water coming up and he closes his eyes bracing for the impact with the water.  Instead of falling into the water, when he opens his eyes he realizes that his speed allows him to stay on the surface.  Our laws of physics make us understand that we are not made to walk on water; rather, we walk in the water.  So, the verses I am looking at today requires faith to believe because it is impossible for us to do.  Once again, I would ask that before you click on the link prepare yourself with the thought that the God who created this world can do whatever He wants - even if it breaks all the laws of physics.  That is why we call it a miracle!  When we can accept that we cannot explain how He did it, we can begin to ask why He did it.  Please click on the link and read Matthew 14:22-36.

Okay, it is a pretty amazing scene to try and picture in our minds, isn't it?  Jesus walked toward his disciples on water.  You can kind of understand why He scared the disciples; that is something that is unheard of.  In fact, notice that He doesn't rebuke the disciples for their fears and instead He makes sure they understand it is Him.  Peter told Him to call him out of the boat and walk on water to Him if it really was Jesus.  Don't you find that an interesting request?  But it also shows us that Peter already had enough faith in Jesus to know that if it was Him, that He could allow Peter to walk on water.  Keep in mind that it was still dangerously windy and the waves were still heavy.  But Jesus called to Peter and Peter began to walk on water toward Jesus.  Once Peter took his focus away from Jesus and remembered the waves, he began to sink and that is when Jesus rebuked him for little faith.

Peter knew that Jesus could make him walk on water, yet he still had little faith?  Hmm.  What do you think of that?  I think that it is one thing to believe, and it is another thing to live it out.  I really do believe that if Jesus tells me to do something, then He will give me the ability to do it.  I absolutely believe that.  With that faith, I may even start out on the journey; however, no journey is ever without some kind of resistance.  As soon as something gets difficult or takes my eyes off of God, I may find myself sinking.  My faith takes me just far enough to get started, but not quite far enough to finish.  Can you relate to that?  But there is hope because later in his life, Peter became bold in difficult situations and did things through faith in Jesus that he would have never imagined doing.  This is because his faith was strengthened by his time with Jesus and he experience what it was like to walk on water.  We can strengthen our faith in Jesus, too.  We do this by spending time reading the Bible and praying every day.  The more time we spend with God, the more our faith grows.

Do you believe that Jesus can give you the ability to do what He has called you to do?  What are you doing to increase your faith in God?

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  1. First time here! Found you on Word filled Wednesday! I LOVE this line: "I really do believe that if Jesus tells me to do something, then He will give me the ability to do it. " I absolutely agree! I feel like God calls us to do lots of things, where we will need his help to accomplish it. I wouldn't want to do it without him, and I find when it is totally Him doing it through me, it becomes easy! Great post! Very encouraging!

    1. Amen!!! Thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement.


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