Monday, January 21, 2013

Wonderful To Be Here

This morning, there is a beautiful blanket of snow surrounding my house with big, thick snowflakes continuing to fall.  All the trees that had been stripped bare of their leaves are now covered with a pure white cloak that reveals even the most obscure twigs.  On a day like this, my natural response is to brew a nice hot cup of cocoa, snuggle under a warm blanket and read a book while in view of a window so I can take a peek whenever I desire.  On the days that I can do that I really do think how wonderful it is to be there.  Unfortunately, it is Monday which means that I need to go in to work and sit at my desk without a view.  The reality is that even though it is picturesque outside, I usually still have life knocking on my door demanding my attention.  But that is okay because God made us to participate in life!  We see this in the verses I am looking at today.  Please click on the link and read Matthew 17:1-13.

In these verses, we read how Peter, James, and John saw Jesus changed right before their eyes.  In fact, not only was Jesus changed to reveal His glory, but Moses and Elijah entered the scene and began having a conversation with Jesus.  I cannot imagine how overwhelming this must have been, but Peter does give us glimpse of how great it was to be there.  Peter says, "It is wonderful for us to be here!"  How true those words really was wonderful to be there.  However, Peter decided that it was so wonderful that they just needed to stay there.  That may seem like a ridiculous statement to make; however, keep in mind that Peter was intoxicated by Jesus' glory.  Every single one of us would probably feel the same way!  In fact that is one of the things I look forward to - sitting at Jesus' feet all day.

But God snaps Peter back to reality and speaks to them.  Peter goes from making his famous speech to falling on his face in fear.  But Jesus comes over to them and tells them that they do not need to be afraid, but they also do not need to share what happened until He has risen from the dead.  Time to get back to life.  But Peter, also uses this as an opportunity to ask a question that he had been wondering about...why do the religious leaders believe that Elijah will come before the Messiah?  (The prophecy is found in Malachi 4:5-6).  Because of Jesus' response Peter, James, and John realize that John the Baptist was Elijah.

The thing that I am noticing this morning is that while it was amazing and wonderful to be at the top of the mountain with Jesus, it was when they came back to life that they were able to learn.  While God revealed to the disciples who Jesus is, it was when they were focused back to their surrounding that they were able to sort through what they had experienced.  God designed us to live life.  Yes, we are to have those restful times - it is even a command.  But it is when we walk through life that we learn more and understand more.  We learn to apply the things that God reveals to us as we live life.  So, yes it is good to have those amazing moments with God!  But it is also good to apply those beautiful moments to our every day lives.

Have you spent the necessary time with God?  Are you taking what you have learned and applying it to your every day life?

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