Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What Pleases God

I am continuing on with New Testament Community Bible Experience and reading the reading for day two, which is pages 11-24 in the Books of the Bible New Testament.  This takes us through the middle of the book of Luke.  One again, the idea is to get us to look at the New Testament in a broader view rather than taking a few verses and studying them.  I believe both methods are vital when reading the Bible and since I usually write about a few verses at a time, it is both challenging and refreshing to read through a large portion and share with you what caught my attention.  With that said, let me take you through my thoughts this morning for day two's reading.

This morning, I read through page 15, so my thoughts are on the first half of the reading for today. I read about what Jesus did following His baptism, which was to return to His hometown.  There He read the prophecy about Himself in Isaiah and offended the people in the synagogue.  Afterwards, He traveled Capernaum where He was so well received that He was asked to stay.  There He had healed people and cast out demons.  Jesus began inviting people to follow Him and become His disciples.  As He continued to heal people, He also was catching the attention of the teachers of the Law and the Pharisees.  They were not as pleased with Him because He didn't seem to interpret the Law the same way they did.  In fact they became offended by His actions - healing on the Sabbath, letting His disciples pick wheat on the Sabbath, His disciples didn't fast, and He ate with tax collectors and sinners!  He also forgave people of their sins.  Between all these moments, we are told that Jesus spent time on His own to pray.

What I saw was the fact that while Jesus was doing amazing things, there were still people who were going to take offense.  Jesus didn't offend people just to offend them, He was showing that He cared about mercy and justice far more than pleasing people.  He spent time in prayer so His focus was always on the mission that God sent Him on and therefore He had the ability to keep God's perspective in His heart.  This is such a good reminder to me to continue to grow in my prayer life because that is what will keep my perspective in check with God.  It is the time I spend with Him that corrects my vision so I see things the way He wants me to see them.  Then I will not be so focused on what others think, I will be more focused on doing what pleases God.

Are you spending time with God and growing in your prayer life?

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  1. I really enjoyed this post, and thinking about Jesus's life in this way. He really turned everything on its head, didn't he? Healing people on the Sabbath, eating with tax collectors and sinners, etc. I often wonder what he would do in our world today. Who would he associate with and what would he want us doing? That is definitely something I pray about and ask for "corrected vision" on (love that phrase) - thanks for the inspiration!


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