Monday, February 18, 2013

The Gift of Wisdom

Today's reading for the Community Bible Experience takes us through 1 Corinthians chapter 7 (or pages 117-126).  I have to say that out of all the readings I have done so far, today's reading is the one where I have noticed the most of how beneficial it is to read through the Bible this way.  Reading through 1 Corinthians without any chapter breaks and section titles made me read through these verses so differently.  It really allowed me to see the bigger picture themes that Paul was writing about without someone else's predetermined thoughts.

I saw a call to action in faith.  Paul gives an incredible description of godly wisdom verses wisdom of the world.  He reminds us that godly wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit will appear foolish to those who are not following Christ because they do not have the Holy Spirit working in them.  For example, Paul explains about the fact that they should not be concerned over following a certain human, but that they should be following the direction of the Holy Spirit.  Paul explains that they should not be judging one another because God will have the final judgement in the end.  Paul explains that if we are judging one another and having lawsuits against one another we are already showing our defeat.  He explains that it is far better to resolve things within the body of believers than to go to courts of the world that do not have the wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit.  And he also tells us that it is better to be cheated than to be the cheater.  He also tells us that the Holy Spirit's wisdom will help us live a life that is pure; without sexual immorality or greed or idolatry.

The overall theme that I picked up is that the Holy Spirit's wisdom is what should be telling us how to live rather than our culture.  That is a challenging idea, isn't it?  We shouldn't be relying on a favorite preacher or the laws of this world because we who follow Christ have the greatest wisdom in us - the Holy Spirit.

With that said, I want to share a video I saw on Kendal's blog, A Spacious Place.  This brings a little perspective in life and reminds us that God's heart is focused on justice and it reminds us that what we often complain and fight about really isn't that big of a deal.

We received a great blessing and gift from God when He gave us the Holy Spirit.  Let's listen to His wise counsel.  What is the Holy Spirit telling you?

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  1. shedding the world is so hard. especially when we first make a concerted effort to do so. but, oh, glory, the rewards....

  2. Beautiful post! Thank you!
    God Bless YOU!


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