Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why Heal?

Can you imagine what would happen if Jesus had come to earth and walked among us during this day and age?  Reading through Mark 1-8 this morning, I was struck by how Jesus was constantly surrounded by crowds.  At one point in these chapters, we are told that He was surrounded by such a thick crowd in a home that He and the disciples were unable to eat!  Imagine that!  Think about the fact that Jesus lived during a time when the best way for word to spread was word of mouth.  There wasn't radio or TV to spread information; word about Jesus spread because people were talking about Him.  So, if that is the stir He created at that time, imagine what would have happened if He would have waited a couple thousand years later and came during the time of the internet.  We have information just sitting at our finger tips.  In fact, when reading the Bible I often find myself reading right at my computer because I can easily look up several versions of the Bible in one place.  Reading through Mark so far has given me a perspective on the amazing reputation Jesus had.  We are given a picture that no matter where Jesus went, He was surrounded.

A lot of this was because of the miraculous healing people saw Him do.  Mark tells us a fast-paced story of the work of Jesus.  It didn't matter what kind of healing a person required, Jesus healed them.  Fever, blindness, deaf, mute, spiritual (forgiveness), demons, or even death had to submit to Jesus' authority.  Every one reacted in one way or another to the healing of Jesus - amazement, joy, and some eye witnesses even held to their disbelief.  But, there is a small mention of a healing that Jesus did that keeps coming back to my mind this morning.  In Mark 1:29-31, we are told of Simon's (Peter) mother-in-law who was sick with a fever.  Simon and Andrew told Jesus about her fever and Jesus took her by the hand and helped her up.  She was healed by Jesus and immediately began serving all of them.

It began to make me think about Jesus' healing that He offers to all of us.  Each and every one of us who follows Jesus has been healed.  Some have received a physical or emotional healing from God, but we have all received a spiritual healing from Him when we chose to follow Him because we were forgiven.  Just as we see in the Bible the many responses people had to Jesus' healing, we also have different responses.  I am challenged by Simon's mother-in-law because she didn't waste the healing Jesus gave her.  She immediately went to work to serve Jesus.  Isn't that a wonderful thought?  We are told in the Bible that once we are forgiven, we are no longer slaves to sin; we now serve God.  But do we recognize that and do it?  Simon's mother-in-law seemed to understand it - even though the demonstration we have been given is concrete.

So, right now I am doing my own check on my heart and asking myself what I am doing with the healing Jesus has given me?  Am I using the wholeness He has offered to me in order to serve Him?  Do I generously serve in response to the amazing love and forgiveness He has so lavishly poured out on me?  Not serving out of obligation, mind you; serving out of love.  Am I serving as an outflow of the love that resides in me?

What are you doing with the healing you received from Jesus?

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  1. What a great convicting post. I also will be thinking and praying on this. Thanks.


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