Friday, March 8, 2013

Desolation and Hope

Today's reading for the Community Bible Experience takes us through Matthew 26 - 28.  This reading takes us through the death and resurrection of Jesus.  I just want to point out a few things real quick before getting to my point:

  • In these verses, we get to witness one of the most intimate moments with Jesus and His disciples.
  • Jesus warns His disciples of betrayal and the fact that they will all desert Him.
  • Jesus gives Peter specifics on how he would deny Him.
  • Jesus tells the disciples that He will die and rise again on the third day.
  • When Jesus is arrested, He allows the chief priests and the governor to go through all their motions.
  • Jesus was convicted on false testimonies.
  • Jesus pointed out that He didn't stop things from happening because this was how God planned it.
  • Jesus publicly confirmed that He was the Messiah.
  • Jesus died a criminal's death and rose again three days later.
  • Everything Jesus told the disciples regarding His death and resurrection happened just as He said.
All this happened for us - all of us.  While He committed no sin, He died in our place so we could receive mercy.  He rose from the dead three days later to show us that He had victory and power even over death.  He shares this gift of mercy and victory with anyone who believes and follows Him.  When we humble ourselves and understand the great debt we have in our sin, we understand all the more the incredible gift this truly is!  Not one of us is sinless; and not one of us could ever repay our sin against God.  But Jesus, Who is perfect, can and He did.  He paid the punishment for us and was victorious over that punishment and He wants to share that with everyone.  Just believe and choose to follow Him.  The road isn't easy, but it is full of life and victory.

Are ready to take the journey of a lifetime?  Do you believe?

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