Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Believe His Authority

My husband I and have known a few pastors that had accepted a call from their childhood church to be their senior pastor.  In each case, they were happy to go to their childhood church and minister near their families.  However, they also struggled with some people in the church who had them as a child in their Sunday School class.  The people that knew them since they were a baby struggled with their authority as the pastor of the church.  The people had a hard time getting past the silly and sometimes foolish things our friends had done as children and teens and still viewed them with that lens.  The people in the church were not part of the process when our friends moved away and became responsible adults, so the people just couldn't accept their authority.  The end result was a church that struggled to trust their senior pastor, therefore the church struggled to get anything done.  Everyone lost out.

Jesus' authority was often in question with the religious teachers and Pharisees.  Yesterday, I looked at how unbelief makes us miss out on so much.  But, one thing we have to remember is that Jesus' authority is different than human authority.  It doesn't matter if there are humans who refuse to accept His authority, He still has it.  Jesus' authority doesn't depend on whether or not the people He created accepts it; His authority comes from God.  The big difference between human authority and godly authority is that in human terms when we do not accept someone's authority, they just do not have it.  However, with God, He can still do all things whether or not people accept His authority.  Humans are the ones who miss out when we do not accept His authority.  Please read how we see this in Matthew 21:18-27.

We see two different examples of Jesus' authority.  The first was with the fig tree that withered and He pointed out to His disciples that they can do that and even more when they believe who Jesus is.  That is amazing, isn't it?  When we believe His authority, our faith is empowered!  In the next few verses, we read about an interaction Jesus had with the chief priests who questioned His authority.  But the thing I find interesting is that Jesus didn't share with them.  Instead, He questioned them about John the Baptist's authority; He knew that they didn't want to accept His authority.  So, instead they missed out on treasures of truth from Jesus.  Their unbelief didn't change who Jesus is, but it changed their opportunities to learn and grow.  Do you see how important it is to believe God?  We have so much to gain in belief, but we lose out on so much when we do not believe.

Do you believe in Jesus' authority?


  1. i agree. our unbelief leads to missing treasures. i wonder how many i have missed. lord i believe. help me in my unbelief....


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