Friday, April 26, 2013

The Plans Are So Much Better!

Have you ever tried to surprise your kids with something big?  Maybe it was a Christmas or birthday present, or maybe it was vacation plans.  Either way, your child may have thought that they were going to be receiving something, but you knew it was only a part of what you had planned for them.  You knew that what they understood was just a small piece of a bigger picture that was so much better.  Faith calls for us to have hope beyond our comprehension, doesn't it?  We know that because of Jesus, we will be living a life that is so much better, but we don't know exactly what it will be like.  In Matthew 22:23-33, Jesus had a conversation with some religious teachers that struggled to believe in a better life.  Please click on the link and read through those verses.

In these verses, we are first told that the Sadducees were a group of people who did not believe that there would be a resurrection.  They tested the belief of a resurrection by asking Jesus what they thought would be a trick questions.  They thought they could silence Jesus with this question by making a mockery of the resurrection.  But Jesus pointed out that there were better plans in place and our simple human understandings and passions were nothing compared to the plans God had in place for us.  He pointed out that the things that we hold dear to our hearts here fade in comparison to what lies ahead.  But unfortunately, their unbelief kept them from seeing the hope in better plans.

But Jesus didn't just stop there, He wanted to help them see the error in their thinking.  He wanted them to see that God had given them hints at what was to come.  The example Jesus used was the fact that God called Himself the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  He showed them that God spoke of them as living, not as dead.  Isn't that amazing!?  Such a little hint that God has so much more planned for us.  Even those who we considered dead, God spoke of as alive.  We may not fully understand, but we can have faith in the promises He has given to those who believe.

Do you have hope in better plans?

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