Tuesday, April 16, 2013

To Miss Out

Have you ever had a discussion with someone and realized they were completely missing your point?  I've noticed this often happens when I say something earlier on in the conversation and that becomes the mental focus for the rest of the conversation.  Because the listener is still stuck on one little detail in the conversation, the main point gets lost.  For example, I have witnessed so many times people missing the point of a sermon because they were so focused on the fact that a verse used was sited incorrectly.  Maybe the wrong chapter was put on the screen or the speaker said the wrong verse.  Either way, I have seen listeners lose the point because they were so busy correcting that little mistake in their heads.  Unbelief can also make us miss the point because sometimes we can only understand what God is telling us through faith.  An example of this is found in Matthew 21:1-17.

The first part of this scene is one that we celebrate on Palm Sunday and is often referred to "Jesus' Triumphal Entry."  The thing I found interesting today is that we are told in verses 8-10 that there was a crowd that developed before entering Jerusalem that sung His praises.  As He entered the city, the residents gathered and asked who He was among themselves.  But if they would have listened to what the crowd was saying, they would have heard that the Messiah was entering their city.  But Jerusalem had a different mindset and didn't believe.  So, when Jesus entered the temple and moved out all the money changers and began to heal people, the priests and teachers of the law were not happy.  Everything they saw Jesus doing meant nothing because they heard the praises the children were singing and questioned Jesus about it.

Does it make you wonder how differently things would have turned out if they believed who Jesus was?  Jesus knew that He was entering a city that would reject Him.  He knew that they didn't believe; however, that didn't stop Him from coming.  He still had compassion and chose to heal even though He knew that this would be the very place that would condemn Him.  But notice what verse 17 tells us - He spent the night in Bethany.  He didn't reside in Jerusalem while He was there.  Isn't that interesting?

Jesus was there to heal and save, yet their unbelief missed the point that Jesus loved them.  He loved them so much that He still came even though He knew their rejection would mean death.  But, He didn't reside with them in their unbelief.  The city missed out on having the Messiah stay in their homes because they didn't want to believe in who He was.  That had to break His heart!  Without faith, we miss out!  We need to believe God in all things because He loves all of us that much.  There is so much loss in unbelief, but so much gain in faith!

Do you believe?

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