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A few weeks ago, I went to have my eyes checked because I've noticed my glasses were not seeming to work as well as they used to.  One thing that has frustrated me in particular has been my ability to read small print, such as what you would find on a pill bottle.  No matter how near or far I place the object with small print, it is blurry and sometimes I cannot read it at all.  Last time I went to an optometrist  I was told that it couldn't be fixed and I would probably be wearing bifocals soon.  However, I went to someone different and he was able to find me a prescription that seems like it is going to work!  Part of my issue is that it has been a little over 3 years since my last appointment, so I was overdue and my eyes have changed even more.  Our eyes change slowly over time, but after three years those slow and small changes added up and created even greater vision problems with my prescription.  I am looking forward to getting my new glasses so I can finally see better.  The verses I am looking at today give us a look into a scene where Jesus gave vision to two men who were blind.  Please use this link and read Matthew 20:29-34.

This is an interesting scene because we learn about two blind men who found out that Jesus was passing by.  They shouted, "Lord, son of David, have mercy on us!"  First, I want to point out that the title they used for Jesus was their way of pointing out that they believed He was the Messiah.  They didn't just think that Jesus could change their situation, they knew that He could change their situation.  What I find even more incredible is that they were rebuked not by one person, but we are told that the crowd rebuked them.  But that didn't stop them; they continued to call out to the one person they knew could give them their vision.

We read in verse 34 that Jesus had compassion on them and touched their eyes.  They immediately received sight and followed Him.  This really caught my attention because their response wasn't to go and live their own lives, they chose to follow Jesus.  Keep in mind that we know that they already recognized Jesus as the long awaited Messiah and they took the gift that Jesus gave them so they could follow Him.  I think that is incredible and it has me thinking about our own application.

First of all, we can all be living our lives with poor vision.  I'm not talking about our physical vision; I'm talking about spiritual vision.  This spiritual vision is what allows us to see who Jesus is and allows us to see why we need Him so desperately.  This vision allows us to follow His lead.  But without Jesus in our lives, we are spiritually blind.  The only one who can heal our spiritual vision is God.  Through the Holy Spirit, we are given vision to see our sin and how that separates us from God.  We are given this vision so we can follow and obey Jesus; we are not given this vision so we can go live our lives the way we want to live.  I think when we decide to go do what we want to do, we run the risk of visual impairment.  We know how we should be seeing, but slowly over time, our vision gets blurred and we are not seeing the truth as clearly as we used to.  How do we keep our vision clear?  By continuing to follow Jesus.  We see where He is leading us by reading the Bible and spending time in prayer every day and by rubbing shoulders with other believers.  It isn't complicated, but it takes purpose.  Without doing these things purposefully, we will accidentally become visually impaired.

What are you doing with the clear vision for truth God gave you?  Are you using the vision to purposefully follow Jesus?

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