Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Live It Out!

A few days ago, I mentioned how there are certain things in life that we must do ourselves - no one else can do it for us.  I used the example of playing an instrument; we can either play it or we cannot, no one can play it for us.  The other day, we were having a discussion at the table I made the comment, "I understand how football is played, but I can't play football."  That statement is truer than you realize; I was not born with gross motor coordination.  I can have a complete understanding of how something works, but in the end it takes more than understanding, it takes action.  The parables I have been looking at this week addresses the kingdom of heaven, and the parable I am looking at today addresses the idea of knowing and doing.  Please click the link and read Matthew 25:31-46.

I think these are very difficult and challenging verses to read because they probably convict every heart that reads them.  When you look around and see so much need in this world, you cannot help but be convicted from these verses.  But something that is even more convicting is the idea that the salvation we receive through Jesus is something that should be mobilizing us into action.  He is showing us that our belief in Him is important and is what gives us our salvation, but He is also showing us that there is a responsibility that comes with being a part of His family.  If we believe Him and make every effort to understand His heart, we will see that our relationship with Him should be shining through the good things He has called us to do.

How do we get started in knowing what we are do?  When we spend time in the Bible every day, we read about the things that God feels is important to His heart.  When we pray, we can ask God to open our eyes to the things that we can do to show His love to the vulnerable.  I know I mention the Bible and prayer to the point that you probably roll your eyes over it, but there is no disputing this importance.  However, something that I do not mention nearly as much and is equally important is serving.  When we serve in our church and serve the vulnerable, God does an amazing work in our hearts and when we combine it with daily Bible reading and prayer the result is a vibrant faith.  I believe this is because we are doing what is important to God's heart, so we are growing more like Him every time we serve Him by serving others.  This is the difference between knowing about our faith and living it out.  As I wrote yesterday, this is why God has given us all that we have - we invest it back into His kingdom.  And the thing that we have to understand is that no one can live our faith out for us.

What are you doing to live out your faith?

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  1. I'm living out my faith by raising a family, by blogging, and by being active in our church. However, God always brings along extra opportunities outside of those realms, too. My prayer is that I will be faithful, even if it "costs" me. Thank you for your words!
    Jen :)


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