Monday, May 13, 2013

Filled With Oil

Each of my children play an instrument, and they each go to festivals to be judged on a solo.  One thing that my husband and I find ourselves always reminding them is the importance of consistent practice.  If you consistently have productive practices, you improve the chances that you will have a good audition or performance.  Everyone at some point in time, has an audition or performance that goes bad no matter how hard you've practiced.  That is just reality.  Either nerves have gotten the best of you, or you are just having an off day.  But one thing that guarantees a poor performance is a lack of practice.  If you go to an audition without good preparation, you will be more nervous and you will also not know the piece as well as you should.  The other thing with music is that no one else can do the practicing for you.  There are some things in life where you can get help from others if you are not fully prepared, but in music you can either play it well or you can't.  Bottom line.  Our spiritual life is the same - it takes purpose to live the life that pleases God.  It is living purposefully with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit each day that helps mold us into the person God wants us to be.  Please use the link to read a parable that Jesus told about this in Matthew 25:1-13.

In this parable we are introduced to ten women waiting for their groom.  They didn't know the hour when he would come, and we also see that they prepared differently.  Five had lamps filled with oil.  The other five had lamps filled with oil and extra oil to last them the night.  The five that didn't prepare wisely found themselves running out of oil.  The five that were wise in their preparations found that they had enough oil to make it through the wait.  The unprepared women were surprised to find out that no one else was going to prepare for them, so they were not ready when the groom came.  The five that were prepared were able to leave with their groom and rejoice.

What does that mean for us today?  Even though we have no idea when Jesus will return, we are told to be ready for whenever it may happen.  We prepare ourselves by spending time in prayer and reading the Bible.  I know that is something I say often, but I do not believe I can say it enough.  We are prepared for the day when we start off our day with God.  It is like filling our lamps and jars with oil.  Don't you find it interesting that having oil for our lamps was used in this parable when Jesus had told the disciples earlier in Matthew that we were the light of the world?  How can we possibly shine our lights if we are allowing ourselves to run out of oil?  It takes preparation and purpose to live the life that shines God's light.  And Jesus will be looking for those who are shining their lights in preparation for His return.

Fill your hearts with His truth - that is the way we prepare!  Are you filling your lamps and jars with oil?

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