Friday, May 24, 2013

Failure Isn't the End

Yesterday, I saw an interesting exchange between a bunny and a crow.  At first the crow was chasing the bunny and the bunny ran and hid in a wooded area.  The crow waited for the bunny for a while and then seemed to fly away.  The bunny came back out and the crow came back down, but this time the crow stayed about five feet away.  The bunny and crow watched each other out of the corner of their eyes and the crow slowly crept closer and closer to the bunny.  It seemed as if the crow thought it was being sneaky; however, the bunny was very aware of the crows presence.  Then the crow started cawing, but the bunny wouldn't move.  In fact, the bunny acted as if he didn't care.  So, the crow continued to creep closer until it was about two inches away from the bunny.  The bunny pretended as if it didn't know the crow was there, until suddenly the bunny made a quick vertical leap and frightened the crow away.  It may seem unrelated at first, but please use the link and read Matthew 26:69-75.

For me, these are tough verses to read because if Peter had spent three years eating, sleeping, and walking with Jesus and hearing His teaching all day and still had a moment of failure in his faith, what does this mean I am capable of?  I think all of us can relate because we have all experienced fear at some point and was later very disappointed in our response to the fear.  In fact, remember that Peter was the very one who told Jesus that he would never deny him, yet three times in one evening he denied Jesus.  He didn't just deny knowing Him, he swore to it.  But then noticed that once he realized the trap he had fallen in, he was filled with bitter tears.

Even though these are the only verses I am looking at today, I want to remind you that this isn't the end of Peter's story.  In fact, this really is only the beginning.  Peter ended up becoming one of the pillars of the early church, and I think we need to remember this as we read these verses and think about how we can apply them.  It is kind of like the bunny in my yard yesterday.  He originally responded to his fear by running away.  But, eventually he realized that he was a little bigger than the crow and instead of running away he could chase the crow away.

There are things that will oppose our faith, and we may even find ourselves at a very weak moment in our faith.  But we need to remember that just because we found a chink in the armor doesn't mean that we are complete failures.  The weak moments we experience remind us where we need to allow God to do some work and build up those areas.  If we come back and let God to that, we will find ourselves in a stronger place than when we first started.  A failure isn't the end of our story, it is just the beginning of God making us better.

Are you experiencing a weak moment in your faith right now?  Will you allow yourself to go back to God and let Him do the work He wants to do in your heart?

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