Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Your Will Be Done

Twenty years ago when I married my wonderful husband, I had no idea that I was beginning a journey in which I was learning how to let go of control.  In my teen and college years, there were enough things that were out of control in my life that I think I learned to cling to control where I could find it.  It was more comfortable to have control in certain areas making life in those areas more predictable.  However, marriage isn't about control, it is about relinquishing control.  I've learned to let go of a lot of things that are both out of my control and in my control.  I've discovered that there is a lot more internal peace when we allow things to happen even if it is not the preferred way.  This is because it takes a lot of energy and stress to maintain control, but letting go really is peaceful.  Our relationship with God can be the same way.  God wants us to let go of all control and allow Him to lead us the way He knows is best.  He wants us to trust His sovereign understanding of things that we don't even know about.  Jesus modeled for us what it looks like to relinquish control and allow God's will to be what takes place in our lives.  Please use the link and read Matthew 26:36-46.

Three times, Jesus prayed that God's will would be done.  But notice that in the first prayer that we see that He is asking for what was to happen to go away.  He knew that what was to happen would be the worst thing He would ever go through in His human life.  Even with that request, He showed that He was still willing to let go of control over the situation by praying that if it was God's will, let it happen.  The next time He prayed, He showed even more recognition that He was giving control to God in this horrible moment.  He recognized that the only way to get out of the situation was to go through it.

Think about this for a moment.  I cannot imagine being where He was.  He could have called angels to rescue Him from what was about to happen, but instead He was willing to allow God's will to happen.  Letting go of control and allowing God's will in our lives doesn't always mean that it will be easy; the fact that we have to think about letting God have control is a signal that it is difficult.  But there is also a peace that washes over us when we can allow someone so much greater than us have power and control in our situation.  The process may not be something we desired, but the end result is something that will reveal God's glory in our lives.  We just have to let go of control and let God's will be done.

Do you allow God to take control in your life?

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