Friday, June 21, 2013

God Goes Before

My husband was bit by a rattle snake.  Several years ago, my mom gifted our family with a two week trip around the state of Arizona.  My step dad lived there his entire life and he gave us a tour of some of the highlights in Arizona.  In a period of two weeks, we put three thousand miles on our rental van just in Arizona alone!  One of the places he took us was in an area where the locals call "Devil's Canyon."  This was a place that had unusual piles of boulders that were placed in such a way that it looked like God pulled a bunch of boulders out of His pockets and threw them on the ground.  We were at a museum in this area that had walking paths all around it, so we decided to take a walk.  We were warned to stay on the paths because the staff said that rattle snakes were abundant on the grounds during that time of year, but they usually stayed away from the path.  Long story husband saw an interesting boulder that he thought would make a cool family picture.  I didn't like the idea of running into a snake, so I said that it was a bad idea.  My husband offered to go first in between the boulders to calm my fears and that is when he got bit.  It was just a warning bite and he was fine; however, it definitely added some drama to our trip for a short time!  If we would have let one of the kids go in there first, they would have been bitten; however, my husband knew there was some risk and went first.  God does that for us as well; please use the link and read Joshua 2:23 - 3:5.

When the spies returned, they spoke their confirmation that God had given them the land.  They told the Israelites that the people living in Canaan were afraid of them.  Joshua's response was to move the camp early the next morning to the edge of the Jordan River.  The Israelite officers told the people to let the Ark of the Covenant to go first and to stay a half mile behind.  God was among the Israelites through the Ark of the Covenant, so this meant that God was going before them and clearing their path.  This is such an important thing to remember even now.  When God calls us to something, it is important to remember that He goes before us.  This doesn't mean there will not be risk, but it does mean that He goes before us and clears the way.  When we keep Him before us instead of racing ahead, we will have the opportunity to see Him at work in our circumstances.

The next thing we read in these verses is the fact that Joshua told the people to purify themselves because God was going to do great things.  Something to remember is that when we make sure that we position ourselves so that God is going before us, we will be in a position to see the wonders of His hand.  The things that seem impossible are cleared away before us and increases our faith all the more.  But, we have to stay behind so God can go before us and do His work.  We can anticipate great things when God goes before us.

Do you keep God before you in your sight?  Do you anticipate seeing His works?

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  1. This post reminded me of the verse in Exodus that says "Behold, I am sending my angel ahead of you to prepare the way". I'm glad your angel of a husband was not seriously injured!

    1. I was thinking of that verse, too! Thank you for visiting.

  2. I lived in Arizona for two years. I never heard of a 'warning bite', but I'm glad that's what your husband got!

    I try to keep God in my sight, I suppose if I was more successful, I would be able to anticipate his works. Right now, I am trying to see his hand in all creation, so I am sure I'll get to that 'sight' at some point!

    Peace in Christ,


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