Friday, June 14, 2013

Missed Opportunity

The idea of standing in front of a group of people and talking was enough to send a great amount of fear through me.  In fact, if I knew weeks before hand that I was to stand up in front of the class to do a report or presentation, I would feel sick to my stomach from that moment on.  I suffered from terrible performance anxiety in high school and would find myself shaking from head to toe as I played a simple two or three measure solo in band (I still am not fond of playing solos, but I can handle it so much better, now!).  It is kind of crazy to think that I became a music major since I struggled so much in that area, but my love for music and desire to be a music therapist was stronger than my fear.  Even with that performance anxiety, I was still more comfortable playing a solo in front of people than standing up and speaking to a crowd.  I was in a big enough school that there were a couple of different classes that would help fulfill the state required credit for public speaking.  I took acting and interpretation because I knew that even though it still was scary, I would be up there with other people.  I survived high school and college, and actually was forced into many performance opportunities in music school that even though I was still very nervous I became better at handling it.  With all that said, reading through today's reading is something I relate to so much!  Moses also was afraid of public speaking!  Please use the link and read Exodus 4:1-17.

In Exodus 4:1 (NLT) we get to see another protest by Moses, "What if they won’t believe me or listen to me?"  Moses was already concerned about credibility.  Maybe his prior actions of murdering an abusive slave driver in front of the Israelites was coming back to his mind.  Maybe he just thought everything sounded so far fetched that he would come across as a mad man.  Who knows, but credibility was definitely a huge concern of his.  God's answer was to empower him with a couple of miracles to show that God's hand was on him and that he was really called to lead Israel out of Egypt.  Then Moses offered up one more protest in Exodus 4:10 (NLT), "O Lord, I’m not very good with words. I never have been, and I’m not now, even though you have spoken to me. I get tongue-tied, and my words get tangled."  Oh, how I can relate to that!  What is inside my head never comes out right when I speak it.  It sounds so much better in my head, but I get tongue tied when I try to convey it to others.  But God's answer was to remind him who was the One who gave people speech and that He would be with Moses and give him the right words to say.

“Lord, please! Send anyone else.”  That was Moses' response in Exodus 4:13 (NLT).  Can you relate to this?  Can you relate to the feeling that this task was so much bigger and you felt that there was no way you would be able to accomplish it?  But this cry of Moses angered God.  God still provided for Moses by having Aaron do the speaking for him, but God really wanted Moses to do it.  You see, God had picked Moses for a unique job.  God has also picked you for a unique job.  This doesn't mean that you will be doing public speaking or leading thousands of people, but it does mean that God wired you to do the job that He has set aside for you.  He will use those who are willing to be used, so when we say "no," we miss an opportunity to see God's power at work.  Maybe part of the story would have been that despite Moses' tongue-tied speaking, everyone would have been convinced.  Or, maybe God would have made him an elegant speaker at the necessary moments.  We will never know, but we have the opportunity to see God's work in our lives.  We don't have to miss the opportunity to see what God does in spite of our weaknesses.

Will you say "yes" to God's call for you?

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  1. In life I have discovered that if a task is "bigger than me," then it's probably God's will for me... He loves to stretch us and display His glory through us in impossible ways.

    Great post!


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