Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Seizing the Opportunity

Usually in life, we have time to pray about our decisions and to discuss opportunities with wise people.  However, sometimes we have to make a quick decision that requires a leap of faith.  We don't have time to go and discuss with our friends and family; we just have to make a decision.  It is in those moments when we should be relying on our faith and leaning on God to give us the wisdom and strength to make our decision.  The verses I am looking at in the Bible show us the faith of Rehab and how that shaped a couple of very important decisions that changed her life forever.  Please use the link and read Joshua 2:1-13.

In these verses, we see that Joshua sent two spies to go and see what conditions were like in Canaan, particularly in Jericho.  They found Rehab and she brought them into her home and protected them from soldiers looking for them.  That was her first quick decision she made that give us a hint of her faith.  The next thing she did was declare what she believed about God.  She told the spies that everyone was afraid because the God of the Israelites was the God of heaven and earth.  She knew there was no greater god.  In her declaration of faith in God, she asked the spies to guarantee her safety along with the rest of her family.

The thing I find interesting is that when she referenced the God of Israel, she used the name Yahweh.  This is the name that God called Himself when He first called Moses and this was the name the Israelites held sacred.  This shows us that His fame had already reached into Canaan.  Rehab declared that all of Canaan had heard the great works God had already done for the Israelites and she declared her faith in Him.  It was her faith in who God is that propelled her to make the decisions to hide the spies and ask for safety in return.

The thing that I keep thinking about is that it is such an incredible model for us today.  As we see that these very important decisions were based on what she knew and believed about God, we need to do the same.  There will be times when we are faced with an opportunity where a choice needs to be made.  Personally, I don't want to flounder in that moment; I want to have a faith that allows me to trust God.  Here comes my broken record moment: this faith is developed in a consistent walk with God.  If we only read the Bible every now and then or only pray when we have a great need, we really haven't taken the time to learn who God is.  Rehab had the time invested in hearing the stories about God and chose to believe.  How much time have you invested in learning about God by reading the Bible and talking with fellow believers?  How much time have you invested in prayer, learning to listen to God's voice?  The investment we make into our relationship with God now will help us at the moment when we don't have time.

Will you be prepared to seize the opportunity when it comes?

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  1. I agree. Rahab has a lesson for us--a reminder to be reading the Word, paying attention to God's presence.


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