Friday, June 7, 2013

The Great Call

Today marks my final day of looking at the book of Matthew.  Even though I have taken much longer than I expected to go through the book, it has been a wonderful journey for me and I hope that you have been blessed as well.  Matthew took us through the life of Jesus and showed us the fulfillment of prophecy and also showed us the heart of Jesus.  We read about the things that amazed Jesus.  We had an opportunity to peek in the life of His disciples while they spent three years walking, eating, and sleeping with Jesus.  They ate what He ate, they walked where He walked, and they slept in the same places He slept.  Jesus' relationship with the disciples modeled for us what it meant to be their "Rabbi" and what it meant to be a disciple.  With that thought in mind, please use the link and read Matthew 28:16-20.

After spending three years with Jesus, we see that when the disciples met up with Him in Galilee there was absolute belief and some doubt among them.  But notice that even with some of the doubt, Jesus still gave them their next assignment which would be their life-long assignment from Him.  He told them that He had authority over all things, and then with His authority He told them to go into all nations and make disciples and baptize them.  He told them to teach the new disciples all the commands He taught them and to remember that He is always with them.  The disciples were to make disciples.

I want to challenge you for a moment because I think we would all agree that none of us know everything there is to know about God.  But, even without a full and complete knowledge we are still called as disciples to make disciples.  Do you see how amazing that is?  I think one reason why that seems so amazing is that we come from an educational structure that tells us that we need to know certain things before we can contribute to someone else's learning.  Don't get me wrong and assume something that I am not saying: there still are basic truths we all must know before we can disciple someone.  In order to teach math, we must know that one plus one equals two.  In order to teach someone to read, we need to be able to read as well.  However, we don't need to have all knowledge in math to teach someone math.  For example, when I was in eighth grade, I enjoyed playing the flute.  There was a beginner flutist in my school that needed help so I gave her weekly flute lessons.  Even though I hadn't studied at a college level at that point, I could teach her fingerings and how to improve her tone.  I had a teacher that had taught me those things to me so clearly that I was able to pass it on even though I was still young and learning.  But an amazing thing happened to me in the process - I became a better musician because teaching it to someone else helped solidify the skills I already had and was pushing me to learn new skills.

Disciples that produce is an incredible yet simple plan that God constructed.  Do you think He did it that way knowing that not only would more people be entering His kingdom as we made more disciples, but we would also grow in our own faith by producing disciples?  The simplicity is so amazing yet so effective!  This is our call - go and make disciples that make disciples that make disciples....  Imagine if every one of us who believe took this and understood that this call is for all of us.  But notice that Jesus didn't say what it had to look like.  This is because we are each different and given different skills; He just wants us to use what He has given us to make disciples.  So, if you are struggling to know what God has called you to do just go back to the basics of the original call.  Use what you have been given and make disciples.  What a great call it is!

Are you making disciples that make disciples?

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  1. I think it's amazing that we are members of a faith that still exists today due to "word of mouth." It's a privilege to be able to tell His story.

    Blessings to you! :)

    1. You are is a privilege! Thanks for stopping by. :)


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