Monday, June 24, 2013

To Be A Part of the Plan

I really enjoy watching sporting events such as gymnastics because I am always amazed what the gymnasts are able to do.  Sometimes they seem to do things that a human shouldn't be able to do.  Or what about last week at the US Open Golf championship when Shawn Stefani had a hole in one?  I know it isn't impossible, but what are the chances?  Or how about the seemingly flawless performance of a difficult piece by a musician.  The thing with all those events is that while most of us cannot do them, there really are humans who are gifted and can do them!  But then there are those moments when we get to witness the unmistakable hand of God; such as when someone is healed from a disease that modern medicine had no chance of healing.  That truly is exciting!  The thing that is even crazier is when God chooses to use humans to demonstrate His power.  Even though He doesn't need a human to work with Him, He chooses to empower us so we can experience Him all the more.  The story I am looking at is a moment when God didn't need to have humans participate in His miracle, but He made them fully engaged in the miracle and grew their faith all the more.  Please use the link and read Joshua 3:5-13.

This story amazes me every time I read it!  There are so many things going on to consider, but I want to focus on one thing today.  It is the idea that God told Joshua that He was going to make him a great leader in the eyes of the Israelites; however, notice what Joshua said to the Israelites.  He told them that God would confirm that He was among them because God was going to lead them across the Jordan river.  In our reading tomorrow, we'll see that it was harvest season and the Jordan was at flood stage.  Even now, we all stay away from a river at flood stage, so imagine how incredible that statement was to the Israelites.  But Joshua, instead of telling them that God was making him a great leader, he told the Israelites that God was doing great things.

The reason God chose Joshua was because he had faith and believed God, but he also was humble enough to know that the great things were done by God and not by humans.  God gave Joshua the instructions, but Joshua still had to step out in faith and give the instructions to everyone else.  But even before Joshua had the instructions, in verse 5 we read that he was already telling the Israelites that God was going to do great things.  Oh, this is such an important thing for me to remember because I am a planner.  I like to have a plan and know what is next; however, God only reveals the part of the plan we need to know at the moment we need to know it.  He may tell us that He is going to provide for us, but we have no idea how or what He is going to use to provide.  However, we can trust that God will do what He says He will do and even though we cannot see the plan, He knows His plan and will engage us in the plan at the right time.  Joshua's faith in God allowed him to be used as a part of God's plan.  He knew that God would do great things and we can know that God still does great things even if we don't know the plan.  I sure want to be a part of God's plans!

Do you believe God will do what He says He will do?  Do you want to be a part of His plans?  Do you trust Him even when you don't know the plan?

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