Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Touching the Water's Edge

This summer, my entire family is going to Zambia as part of a mission team to teach at a music academy.  We are so excited and so blessed that God has given our family this opportunity to serve Him together!  But, there are a lot of things to juggle in the process since my husband and I are also leading the team.  I have been learning that instead of always looking at the larger picture of everything we need to do for both the team and our family that I just need to take each day and look at what I need to accomplish for that day.  Some of the tasks are very small and only take a few minutes and other tasks require scheduling a larger chunk of time to get things done, such as doctor appointments to make sure we are all up to date on our immunizations.  Some tasks while they take time are simple steps and other tasks that seem small feel like very big steps.  For example, while it takes no time out of my day, each and every day I find myself having to let go and trust God's provision for our family's cost for the trip.  No time spent; however, it is a big leap every time I think about it and then hand it over to God.  We all have those things that require little or no time but feel like we're taking a huge leap because of the amount of faith it takes.  Today, I want to finish looking at the story of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River; please use the link and read Joshua 3:14-17.

Every time I read about this story, it is always so interesting to me.  This was a new generation of Israelites that basically only remembered God doing great things.  They grew up seeing Him part the Red Sea and healing the bitter waters at Marah.  They grew up to witness amazing miracles while they wandered in the desert.  I wonder if they thought that they would cross the Jordan the same way they crossed the Red Sea.  With the Red Sea, God parted it before they stepped foot on the bed of the Sea.  However, God didn't part the waters first this time.  This time, He wanted them to step out in faith first.  He wanted their feet to feel the water before He cleared the water.  Do you see a progression of expectations as their faith in Him grew?

You see, the Israelites at the Red Sea were people who had just been freed from slavery.  Even though they saw the plagues in Egypt and experienced their deliverance, they still felt like slaves running away.  You see that in their reaction as they approached the Red Sea - they thought that Moses brought them there to their death.  But God knew what they needed in order to build their faith in Him; He parted the Red Sea to show His mighty power and protection.  He showed them that there were times when He would fight their battles for them.  But the generation of Israelites that were approaching the Jordan River were a different people.  These were people who spent most of their lives not as slaves but as Bedouins longing for a home.  These were people who witnessed God's mighty works throughout their lives.  God wanted to grow them even more by having them take a step that was seemingly small physically but so giant in their faith.

Have you ever noticed that God doesn't ever seem to do things the same?  I guess if He did, where would be the growth in faith?  We get to witness His incredible creativity, and He grows us in the process.  But we have to be willing to take the small steps that require huge faith; we have to touch the water's edge.  We need to feel the cool water touch our toes and make them a little wet in order to see God stop the flooding waters.

Where is God wanting you to touch the water's edge?  Can you trust that He will do great things and stop the flood waters to let you pass to the other side?

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  1. Hi Sharon!

    What an exciting and fulfilling July you are going to have! I pray that you and your family will safe, and that you and your husband will be effective leaders.

    I think God is always encouraging me to get those toes wet. He challenges me to the quiet, so I can hear his voice.

    Have a good Monday!
    Peace in Christ,

    1. Thank you for your prayers...that is something we need. :)

  2. What an amazing way to spend part of your summer! I will pray for your family and the work you will be doing.

    Yes, God tests us in small and big ways for sure. A while back I stepped away from my job to pursue working with my gifts. That required a great deal of faith!


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