Thursday, June 27, 2013

What Do These Stones Mean?

I used to do a lot of scrap booking when my kiddos were younger; in fact, I used to sell scrap booking supplies and teach classes.  However, as my life got increasingly busier I found it harder to keep up.  I discovered digital software that allows me to make my scrap books on my computer and send it off to have the pages printed for me.  All I have to do is insert the pages in my scrap book!  This discovery was huge for me because I love having pictures, especially pictures of special moments.  It is fun to go through pictures and remember the family times and special moments.  This method has made it more likely that I will have my pictures organized in a way that me and my family will look through.  Going through the story of Joshua crossing the Jordan River made me think of pictures because cameras were thousands of years from being invented.  They had a different way of marking important moments.  Please use the link and read Joshua 4:1-9.

In these verses, we see that this moment was so huge that God told Joshua to take twelve stones out of the river to mark this moment.  Joshua piled the stones at Gilgal and in the river.  Notice what he told the Israelites in Joshua 4:6-7.  He said that later when their children asked, "What do these stones mean?" they would be able to tell them that they were there as a reminder of when God stopped the flow of the Jordan River.  That is absolutely incredible to me!  It makes me think of the great things God has done in my life and wonder how I mark those moments in a way that will make future generations ask, "What does this mean?"

There have been so many moments big and small that God has moved in my life.  How am I sharing those moments with others so that God is given the glory and so that it can build into the faith of other believers?  How am I passing on the incredible things God does even today?  How about you?

How are you marking the God moments in your life?  How are you sharing those moments in a way that will make people see the mighty work of God?

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  1. LOVED the idea of digital scrapebooking...I have so many photos from when my sons were growing up and have just started dividing them up for all of us to have some. AND yes, those photos are indeed our Jordan Stones! Thanks. Stopping in from Thoughtful Thursday link up.


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