Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Is Your Scarlet Rope?

Yesterday, I left off in the middle of the story of Rehab and the spies, so I want to recap real quick before I jump in to what I want to look at today.  I looked at the fact that Rehab's belief in God was strong enough that it allowed her to make a couple of quick decisions based on her faith.  One thing that I didn't point out was the fact that she was a Canaanite, not an Israelite, yet she heard the stories of God's work that He was the God that she would place her faith in.  She made a declaration that He was above all in heaven and earth and she knew that without Him all was lost.  Today, I want to finish reading the story of her interaction with the Israelite spies; please use the link and read Joshua 2:12-24.

The spies gave an oath that they would protect her family when they came to attack Jericho only if she hung the scarlet rope in her window.  Rehab had such a strong resolve that she left that rope hanging from her window from that moment on (Joshua 2:21).  She could have taken it out of the window and waited until the word came that the Israelites were coming; however, she decided to keep it in the window the entire time!  That amazes me!  I think that it was great risk she took because it was evidence of her helping the spies, but she continued to stake her life on God rather than her fellow Jericho neighbors.  She had so much resolve based on her faith that she wasn't going to take that scarlet rope out of the window.

We can actually have the growth and faith in God to make the quick decisions that we sometimes have to make; however, we have to have the resolve to follow through.  Once again, Rehab left a wonderful example for us to consider.  Instead of putting away the rope to take out later, she left it out (with risk) and probably looked at it every day as a reminder of the oath the spies made with her.  I think of how that it so important when we make a godly decision.  The decision has been made, but what if you have to wait for the action or results?  What is the scarlet rope that needs to hang in the window?  What should we leave out in order for our faith to be displayed?  How can our scarlet rope be our reminder of the things to come?  When we leave our "scarlet rope" out, we can remember the good things that God has planned for us to do (Ephesians 2:10).

What is your scarlet rope?

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