Thursday, June 13, 2013

Who Am I To Do This Job?

I know a few people who have been on several mission trips.  No, not teens and college students who don't have to worry about family time and juggling vacation time at work.  I'm talking about adults who are still in the workforce and have gone on trips every year for the past several years while sacrificing vacation time.  When talking with one of my friends, they admitted that they often wonder why God has chosen them to be the one who gets to go.  I can tell you that being an observer of my friends' lives, it is because they obey God - when He calls they say yes.  I also want to point out the difference in attitude; they understand that it is an honor to serve God.  They're amazed that they get to serve Him!  But what about when God calls us to something that seems so much bigger than what we feel ready to do?  For example, I also spoke with another person who told me about their anxiety before their first mission trip but they went because they knew that it was what God wanted.  This person continued to tell me that once they were on the mission trip, they knew God was with them and all the anxiety went away.  Being willing to step out in obedience doesn't mean we are comfortable with the call.  In fact, taking the first step is sometimes the hardest step to take.  I want to continue to look at Moses' call this morning; please use the link and read Exodus 3.

Notice the wording of the NLT in these verses; we see that two times "Moses protested."  But also notice that God had an answer for each of his protests.  Moses' first protest was to say, "Who am I to appear before Pharaoh?  Who am I to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt?" (Exodus 3:11).  Isn't that a question we can all relate to?  We have all had those moments when we felt that we were not the best person for the job we were given.  But notice that God didn't reassure him by telling him that he had all the personal experience he needed to get the job done.  God didn't tell him that He picked Moses because he was the best qualified candidate.  Instead God said, "I will be with you," Exodus 3:12 (NLT).

In a sense, that kind of brings our focus back around, doesn't it?  You see, it wasn't all about Moses it was all about God.  God was with Him, and God is with us!  If you are familiar with Moses' story, you know that he actually had the perfect experience.  He was an Israelite, yet he grew up a prince of Egypt adopted by Pharaoh's daughter.  He grew up in the courts and understood the Egyptian culture.  He understood how he needed to present himself before Pharaoh.    He was educated.  But he also knew the culture of Israel.  He worshiped God and he cared about his fellow countrymen who were being mistreated as slaves in Egypt.  But God didn't tell him all of that; instead God told Him that He was with him.  In the end, it really isn't about our experience, it is about having God with us every step of the way.  That is the success factor in doing what God has called us to do!  If we are relying solely on our skills, experience and talent we will never get an opportunity to see what God can do in spite of us.  So, even if you are feeling completely inadequate to take even the first step; you can know that if God called you to the task He is with you.  The focus isn't who we are - it is who is God?

Are you wondering who you are to do the task, or are you focusing on who God is?

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  1. so many times i have asked that question, and most often with parenting! great post, sharon....


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