Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Difficult Message

Have you ever had to give someone bad news?  I'm terrible at it because it makes me sick.  Some of it is because I put myself into the other person's shoes and think of how horrible it would be to have the bad news delivered to them.  Maybe you're a person who works in a field where you are having to deliver bad news to people often.  I don't know how you do it!  Samuel was a prophet during the early years of Israel's kings and the first message he was given from God was a difficult message.  Please use the link and read 1 Samuel 3:10-21.

This is the first time Samuel had ever heard God and he was only a boy.  Eli was the high priest he served under and Eli had raised Samuel since he was a very young child.  So, you can just imagine how difficult it had to be for Samuel to hear.  God gave him a message about someone he knew closely and it was a terrible message to have to deliver.  Since Eli knew that God had called out to Samuel in the night, when morning came Eli asked Samuel what God had told him.  Notice that in these verses that Samuel was afraid to tell Eli; however, he chose obedience rather than cave into his fears.  He chose to listen to God when He called and he chose to obey God even when the message was difficult.

Has God put a task in front of you that seems very hard?  Something we need to remember is that God is in control and He is with us.  If He tells us to do something, we need to listen and obey even if it is difficult.  Our obedience is what pleases Him.

How are you currently responding to what God has told you?

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