Monday, July 22, 2013

A Divine Appointment

There have been times when God has put someone on my heart to pray for them or to go help them.  Those moments are amazing to see His work and leading, but it becomes such a testimony to the person who needed the help or prayers.  Because of that, when God puts someone on my heart I try to remember to let them know that I was praying for them so they can see how God is intervening in their situation.  I don't have to know the details in their situation, I just want them to know that God is at work and has people praying for them.  Have you been the recipient of such help or prayers?  I have and it never fails to amaze me how God reaches down and uses other people to provide what we need in that moment.  What about when God uses someone to reveal a next step for you?  Sometimes it can be exciting and sometimes it can be a little scary.  For the next few days, I want to look at how God used Samuel to anoint Saul as Israel's first king and how Saul reacted.  Please use the link to read 1 Samuel 9:17-27.

In these verses, Saul was just looking for a couple of lost donkeys and Samuel was waiting for God's revelation of who was to be king.  If you read the entire chapter of 1 Samuel 9, you would see that Saul went out searching for his father's donkeys and ended up far from home.  In fact, he was far enough that he knew his father would forget about the donkeys and begin to worry about him.  But you can also see how God directed Saul's steps so that he ended up in the village where Samuel resided.  God had revealed to Samuel that Saul would be coming and that he should be anointed as the first king of Israel.

Poor Saul was not mentally prepared what was about to happen when he went to see the great prophet.  Samuel told him that all of Israel was anticipating him and Saul's response was to say, "But I'm just a Benjamite in the least clan."  Does that sound familiar to you?  That is pretty similar to Gideon's response!  Saul didn't see much in himself, but that didn't deter Samuel.  Samuel had actually had a feast already prepared for him and sat him at the head of the table and gave him a good cut of meat.  Can you imagine how overwhelming that had to be for Saul?  After all that, Samuel told him that he had a message from God.

I don't know about you, but I think by this point I would be freaking out!  Samuel understood what Saul didn't see yet - God had created a divine appointment for Saul to wander so far away from home.  God had orchestrated events to send Saul to this stranger's doorstep so that his calling could begin.  What started as an annoying set of events for Saul ended up being the very thing God used to push him into his anointing.

Yesterday, God used someone to reveal to me how He used a troubling situation last week to allow me to see His work so I would be prepared for something to come.  He gave me a divine appointment with someone to understand more of a situation where I had the opportunity to see God at work.  He helped me to understand its purpose.  God will do what He needs to do in order for us to see what we are to do.  Even the annoyances and troubles of our lives can be used by God to prepare us for our call.

What has God used to prepare you?

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  1. I love looking back to see how the Lord has orchestrated things in my life to prepare me for a work He has for me down the line. Thanks for opening this viewpoint up!

    Coming over from Sharing His Beauty link-up.

  2. Sharon,
    Sir William Temple is famous for saying, "When I pray, coincidences happen. When I don't pray, they don't." I've found that praying each morning, for opportunities to share my faith, people to serve, someone to encourage, makes me much more conscious of the people God brings across my path in answer to those prayers. Thanks for sparking this conversation today :) I'm a new visitor from Hungry for God . . .Starving for Time and glad I stopped by.


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