Thursday, July 11, 2013

That's Just What I Needed!

My family plays in a community concert band, and two days ago I had the opportunity to share with the band my family's trip to Zambia.  I shared with them that we would be teaching at a music academy whose students are orphaned children due to the AIDS crisis in Zambia.  I explained that the academy needs consumable music supplies such as reeds and valve oil and asked the band members to consider donating some supplies for our team to take to Zambia.  After the rehearsal, I was completely overwhelmed by the response of the band members telling me that at our next performance they would bring supplies with them.  I had band teachers telling me that they would bring music their school was no longer using for the academy to keep.  I was so blessed by their reaction!  Blessed because I wasn't sure how they would respond and blessed to see how God will use anyone and anything for His purposes.  Gideon had the opportunity to experience encouragement when he needed it from a very unexpected source.  Please use the link and read Judges 7:8-15.

In these verses, we see that God allowed Gideon to listen in to a conversation in the enemy's camp!  I emphasize enemy because I'm sure Gideon wasn't expecting a word of encouragement from that source.  But what Gideon heard while he was there gave him the encouragement and the courage to take the next step required to defeat the enemy.  I think one of the wonderful things about Gideon's story is how we see the journey God took him through to the moment that Gideon shouted, "Get up!"  God gave Gideon faith and encouragement through direct contact and signs, but God also used the unexpected sources such as people who didn't follow or believe God.

Think about that for a moment.  Just as God used the community band that I am in to give me a blessing and encouragement, God can and will do that for you.  I guess the bigger question is:  do you understand Who the encouragement is coming from?  When those moments of encouragement come in the time of need from an unexpected source, do you recognize that it is still God?  This morning, as I was reading these verses I immediately understood what God was telling me and it brought me to a place of total worship.  Notice Gideon's response - he fell on his knees in worship in the middle of the enemy's camp!  Remember that all good things come from God (James 1:17).

Do you praise God for all the good you've received no where it came from?

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