Wednesday, July 10, 2013

When God Is the Only Explanation

We've all heard "God" stories that could easily be explained away by modern medicine or "coincidence."  The person telling the story is so animated and excited about what God has done; however, you can see on some people's faces that they feel that there are other explanations.  I have many of my own God stories like that - how God provided cars for us right when our other car died (He has done this more than once!).  There was the time when God used my dad to save my life by pulling me out of an undercurrent by my ponytail.  Or how about the time I only had mono for a week because my mom's friend came over and prayed for me; the next day I woke completely better.  Then there was the time that my husband and son were in a car accident that was bad enough to total our van, yet they walked away without a scratch even though the air bags didn't deploy.  Oh, I have so many stories of how God has intervened in my life but you can see how it would be easy for someone to say that we were "lucky."  But then there are the stories where God is the only explanation because it cannot be explained away by human capability or science.  How many prayers have I prayed for what was impossible and I received?  I've personally experienced miraculous healing and I've witnessed friends healings.  I've seen people freed from demons through the power of God.  There are times when God moves in a way that removes any doubt that He did the job - He is the only explanation.  The verses I am looking at this morning continues Gideon's story and how God wanted to make sure that no one would mistake His mighty hand at work.  Please use the link and read Judges 7:1-8.

Gideon was convinced that God had called him to be the one to lead the army of Israel against the Midianites.  As crazy as it seemed (since he was the weakest of the weak he probably didn't have good military experience), he took his army and moved toward the Midianties.  But God did something that seemed even crazier; He told Gideon that his army was too big!  Who has ever heard of a country worrying that their army was too big?  But that was the point - it wasn't supposed to be about the strength and numbers of the army.  God didn't want the Israelites to think that they were the reason for their victory; He wanted the Israelites to know without a doubt that God delivered them from the Midianites.  So, God first weeded out those who were frightened and really didn't want to fight anyway.  Then God had one more test so that the army only consisted of 300 men.  Don't you wonder what they must have been thinking once it was just down to them?  I wonder if they understood that they were about to be a part of an incredible story that was going to be told of God's power for ages to come.

I really like how God did things just for Gideon to witness and how He did things for the entire nation to witness.  In all those instances, God knew exactly what everyone involved would need in order to understand that they were witnessing God's power.  When God calls us, He knows what we need.  He understands us well enough to know what it is that we need in order to understand that it is God's power.  Sometimes it will be a silent whisper to our heart and other times it will be so incredible that it will be a testimony to everyone around us of His amazing work.  And when we get to witness those moments, our response can only be praise.  So, if God is impressing something on your heart that defies convention, maybe you are about to witness an amazing work of God!  You will get to be a part of a story where God is the only explanation.

What are your God-stories?

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