Thursday, August 15, 2013

Live For the Lord

When we are serving at church or in our community, we can serve with the mindset that we are serving the Lord.  Of course, there are times that we can get frustrated when we are serving, but that is when we tell ourselves we are serving God and we ask God for patience.  It is good to serve God in church or in our community because we grow in our faith as we serve.  We begin to see there is a much bigger picture that we are a part of and we can have joy in knowing that God allows us and wants us to serve in this bigger picture.  But, what about the rest of the time?  We most certainly do not serve at church every waking moment!  What about all the hours throughout the rest of the day when we are at work or at home with our families?  Are we supposed to be serving during those times as well?  We are given a perspective on the way we are to live in Romans; please use the link and read Romans 14:8.

Romans 14 warns against looking down on one another over the fine details about what we eat or if we put aside one day as holy.  In fact, the writer is clear that those are not the details that make it or break it and we are to be very careful not to judge others according to how they live.  Overall, that is the Lord's job to determine whether or not we are sinning, we are humans and we do not need to worry about the way other people are living their lives.  So, when the writer wrote out Romans 14:8, we see that if we keep our focus on the fact that each and every moment of our day is for God, we are honoring God.

If we live or die it is for God.  If we remember that reality throughout our day, we will make choices that honor God.  We will not be worrying about how others are living, we will be focusing on our day to day living and make sure that we are living in a way that shows God's work in our lives.  In fact, living in this way will actually make us more sensitive to other believers and live in a way that will not cause them to stumble.  So, if someone has a conviction about whether or not we should eat a certain food, then we need to respect that and not cause them to stumble in that conviction even if we do not agree with them.  Because if we do something that we feel is a sin, then we have sinned and if our actions has caused another believer to go against their convictions we have caused them to sin.

Living for the Lord isn't about how much we serve at church or serve in the community, although that is a part of living for the Lord.  Living for the Lord is about each and every decision we make and choosing to lift up other believers rather than condemn them.  It is about our daily living and choices.  Living in this way will help us to remain prepared for what God calls us to do.

Are you living each moment as if you are living for the Lord?

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