Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We Are Not Alone

Isn't it amazing how we can be surrounded by people, but sometimes because of life's circumstances we can feel completely alone?  Maybe it is because we are going through something that is so different from what our friends have experienced that we just don't feel like anyone understands what you are going through.  Sometimes, it is also our own perceptions and we've actually alienated ourselves.  Then there are those times when maybe you have truly been betrayed or forgotten.  No matter what, there is one truth that we can always cling to when we are feeling alienated or alone: God knows exactly our thoughts and feelings and He is with us.  This week, I have been focusing on Psalms that reflect praise because of God's greatness.  Today, I want to look at one of my favorite psalms which reminds us of the fact that God knows us like no one else and He is always with us.  Please use the link and read Psalm 139.

This is one of my favorite chapters in the book of Psalms because it has such intimate and beautiful thoughts in it.  First, we are told that God knows everything about us and He knows our every thought.  In fact, He knows what we are to say before the words are even formed on our tongues.  Isn't that amazing!  I also love how we are reminded in this psalm that it is God who created us.  But it is so much more intimate than creating humans and allowing nature to take its course.  When I read through this chapter it reminds us that each of us are a purposeful and personal creation of God.  Terms like knit and woven together are used and we are told that God had His plans for us before we were even born.  I love that!

In this chapter we are also reminded that not only are we individually created by God and not only does He know our every thought; we are told that He is always with us.  In fact, even if we try to escape Him, we cannot.  That is incredible.  We can go into the greatest depths of depression climb to the greatest heights of joy and He is with us the entire time!  We can physically go anywhere in this world and He is with us.  No matter how isolated we feel; we are not alone.

How are you feeling today?  Do you believe that God is with you?

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