Thursday, August 22, 2013

When Is It Time To Start Something New?

When I graduated from college and was in my early twenties, I remember feeling like I was at the starting line of life.  I felt like there was just so much living to do, a career to build, a family to start, and so much more.  When my oldest was born, I remember thinking of how much time I had with him and excited (and scared) my husband and I felt that we had this wonderful little boy to build into.  When my youngest was born, I temporarily let go of my career so I could stay home with my three kiddos who were ages three and under.  In that time, I felt like my life was on hold; however, I now look back and see how God was using that time to give me experiences that would help me later.  In my thirties I found myself dabbling with a few short-term music therapy experiences, I was a manager at a early childhood play and music center, I became a school secretary, and then I began working at my church as a ministry assistant.  Now, here I am in my early forties and I kind of feel like I felt in my early twenties: I'm just at the starting line!  This is because through all the experiences I've had, I've realized that God is always ready to introduce something new in our lives.  Age really doesn't matter when we are talking about God; if He says that He is starting something new in our lives He will.

This week, I've started a new study in the book of Psalms and I am spending some time this week to explore the authors of the different psalms.  Today, I want to consider Moses' life.  Moses wrote one psalm (Psalm 90) and in it we see the wisdom of someone who has lived many years.  Moses was a man who experienced a couple of new beginnings.  As an infant, he was born to a Hebrew slave in Egypt.  The Egyptians decided that the Hebrews' population was exploding and thought that the best way to contain their growth was to kill their toddler and infant boys.  Moses' mother hid him and eventually had to let him go.  Moses ended up in the care of Pharaoh's daughter and was raised in the royal family.  When he was in his early adult life, he had to flee Egypt because he killed an Egyptian for mistreating the Hebrew slaves.

Moses found himself starting life again in Midian.  There, he found his wife and spent many years living under his father-in-law's household who was the priest of Midian.  After many years, God called Moses to go and lead the slaves out of Egypt and that is how Moses spent the rest of his life.  He served God by leading the Hebrews out of Egypt and then as their leader as they wandered the wilderness for forty years.  Thinking of Moses' life, makes Psalm 90 have a different ring to it - especially the first verse.  "Lord, through all the generations you have been our home!" (NLT).  Just that declaration coming from a man such as Moses who had lived through some very big life changes and different living conditions has a whole different sound, doesn't it?  Moses was one who had lived in a palace and then in the home of a priest and then in the wilderness.  He is the one who wrote the book of Genesis and understood the wandering of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  And the statement that he made was the reality that God is our home.

When I think of that, it reminds me all the more that with God, our life is always just starting.  Each day is new with new experiences to learn from and a fresh start.  When we have the perspective that God is our home, that keeps us ready for the new things God has for us.  It reminds us that our home isn't about where we live; it is about our God, who should be our life.

Where is your home?  Are you ready to start something new?

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