Wednesday, September 11, 2013

God Remembers!

The other day, I was sharing some of my memories with my kiddos of their baby years.  They enjoyed hearing stories that they didn't even remember and I think it speaks an important message to them: I remember.  They know that their mom and dad love them so much that they remember things from so many years ago.  Another thing that helps them feel secure is knowing that when we say we will do something, we will do it.  Consistency on following through on what we say is important and if we falter, our children are very quick to point it out.  When we as parents remember to follow through on what we say, we send another message that we care and we can be trusted.  This week as I have been looking at the book of Psalms, I have been exploring the psalms that have the theme of remembering the good things God has done.  I want to continue with that theme today and read a psalm where the author is pointing out a time in history where God was faithful to a promise He had made.  Please use the link and read Psalm 105.

I believe this is an important theme to consider and meditate on for our own lives.  In this psalm, we are not only remembering history of the good things God has done, but we are also remembering that God is faithful.  He will always do what He says He will do.  This psalm points out the specific promise for the descendants of Abraham to inherit the "Promised Land," which at the time of the promise was the land of Canaan.  By the time this psalm was written, the land of Israel had been established as theirs for hundreds of years.  The author was reminding Israel that they could trust and rely on God's promises and was pointing out the faithfulness of this promise over the course of hundreds of years.  This also served as a reminder that we should also be faithful to our God and always praise Him.

This psalm can also serve as a reminder of where our hope is.  We can know that since God is always faithful to His promises, we can know that He will be true to the hope of our salvation.  We can know that His promise of salvation through Jesus is true.  Reading through the Bible not only helps us remember the good that God has done, but we see the good that God has promised.  We also see His incredible consistency of fulfilling the promises He has given us.  We can have hope and comfort in this truth:  God remembers what He has promised and He will always do what He has promised.

Do you believe that God remembers?

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