Monday, September 2, 2013

Music Belongs To the Creator

This morning, as I am writing my post, I am smelling the peach and blueberry crisp that is currently baking in my oven.  My family and I will have to smell it all day until we can have it for when our friends come over to share it with us.  I love summers and all the incredible veggies and fruit that comes from it.  Not only do I love the fruit, but my family also enjoys picking a lot of the fruit we enjoy.  This summer, I didn't get a chance to pick sour cherries for one of my favorite pies since we were in Zambia; however, I made up for it by finding incredible peaches at our farmer's market.  On Saturday, I bought a 1/2 bushel of tomatoes and made some spaghetti sauce for our freezer and I'm trying to decide if I have more time this coming weekend to get some more to at least have some canned tomatoes.  I plan on picking apples soon and hopefully pears very soon!  God created so many wonderful foods for us to enjoy!  When I think of it, I marvel at His creativity.  All of the food and nature set aside, think of the fact that He created humans.  He made us living and breathing beings with the ability to worship Him.  As I continue going through my study on the book of Psalms, I want to look at a psalm that just tells us to praise.  Please use the link and read Psalm 150.

This is a psalm that I have always been able to relate to because I am a musician.  I enjoy reading how to use music and all the instruments to worship God.  I remember when I was young, there was a lot of controversy over the fact that churches were using instruments such as guitar and drums in their services.  I remember being very confused at this controversy because I had been attending a very large church that utilized all orchestra instruments along with guitars and drums.  I didn't see what the issue was.  Then I heard someone refer to the fact that those instruments were used for secular music and the drum beat was from the enemy.  Even as a child I recognized that argument as not making a whole lot of sense.

The reason it doesn't make sense is because these were instruments used in ancient worship and we can even see how David wrote about how they were to be used to honor God.  Don't you see how the enemy was really trying to take something used to praise and pervert it for his own purposes and then make us afraid to use them?  If we were to look at the argument that those instruments were used for secular music then we would also have to admit that God isn't big enough to redeem what already belongs to Him.  Music is His; music is His creation.  How could we possibly believe that the enemy's perversion of music could possibly be greater than the Creator?

Let's not listen to the lies of the enemy and reclaim what is already God's!  God is our Creator and He is greater than His creation.  Let's listen to the reminder of this beautiful psalm:  Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

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