Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Creator's Care

When my oldest was born and placed in my arms, I was filled with so much joy.  The nurses were incredible at helping my husband and I learn basic care for our new and precious baby.  But, when we came home from the hospital and I was holding him, the gravity of raising this young, innocent baby hit me.  This happened because he was hungry and crying and I picked him up to feed him and he calmed down.  I suddenly realized that this little baby was completely dependent on me and felt safe in my arms.  Being only 26 years old, I was overwhelmed by this reality.  I couldn't believe that there was someone who depended on me and felt safe with me.  Something that is so amazing is that we could be looking to God in the same way and it doesn't overwhelm Him!  Please use the link and read Psalm 23.

This is another psalm written by David and it is probably one you are familiar with.  David grew up as a shepherd, so he is using terminology that he understood fully and completely.  Referring to God as his shepherd was saying that he understood that God took care of him the same way he tended his father's sheep.  David had taken the responsibility of tending sheep so seriously that he had even fought and killed a lion and a bear when they attacked the sheep on his watch.  So, we can know that when David called God his shepherd, he believed that his life and safety were fully in God's hands.

David wrote how God leads us to green pastures and to drink in still waters; which means that he recognized that God was his provider and would give him what he needed.  He also mentioned going through dark valleys and knowing God would protect him.  It makes me think that David understood that sometimes to get to the green pastures, he would sometimes have to guide his sheep through dangerous areas but would still keep them safe.  Our journey will sometimes take us into darker places; however, we can always trust in God's protection.  In fact, David referred to the shepherd's rod and staff bringing comfort.  The rod was basically a weapon used against any threats to the safety of the sheep.  It was like an extension of the shepherds arm or it could even be thrown at an enemy.  The staff was what the shepherd used to pull in any sheep that might start wandering away.

David gave us such an amazing word picture to tell us of the great care our Creator has for us.  He is always watching and guiding us.  We know that if there is any danger, God is our protector.  and the wonderful thing about His protection is that there is nothing that is greater or more powerful than Him.  Just as sheep fully trust and take comfort in their shepherd, we can fully trust in our Creator's care.

Do you take comfort in the truth that God loves and protects you?

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