Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Surrounded By Enemies

Have you ever had a time when you felt like you were surrounded by people who didn't like you?  I remember one year in particular in grade school where I felt like everyone in my class despised me and I felt so alone.  There were days were I would dread going to school because there were some kids that seemed to enjoy making my day miserable.  I had even faced a betrayal that year from the one person that I thought was my friend.  That was such a lonely and painful year; however, I got through it and by the end of that year I had made friends with someone who became my close friend for the next several years.  God was also with me that year and I learned that even when friends hurt me, He would always be faithful.  I know someone who was in a work environment where it was similar to my painful school year.  Maybe you can relate from a past experience, or maybe you are there right now.  This week, I am looking at psalms that remind us that no matter what harm people intend for us, God is the One who protects us and helps us.  Please use the link and read Psalm 3.

David wrote this psalm at a time when his own son had become angry with him and started an insurrection.  But, for a while it was a very successful uprising and Absalom not only took David's throne, he even humiliated David by laying with his wives.  David's life was threatened and his army was turned against him.  And while he was fleeing and hiding from his own son, he wrote this psalm.  It is in this psalm that we read David still declaring God as his deliverer even while the uprising was happening.  David wrote that God was the One who sustained him.  David even wrote that he could sleep and wake up the next day because of God!  This was written from the man who had an army searching for him.

I think what I am pulling out of this is the fact that even when we are in the midst of difficulty or betrayal, we can know that our true deliverance comes from God.  The end of this particular chapter in David's life was that his son was defeated and his throne was completely restored.  We are not guaranteed an easy life as followers of Christ; in fact, we are told there will be difficulties.  But, when the trouble comes, we also know that it is God who sustains us and protects us.  Our hope of salvation that we have through Jesus is what reminds us that there is something so much better in the scope of eternity.  We can look forward to that truth!

Do you feel like you are pressed on every side?  Do you believe that God is with you and will not allow anyone to destroy you?

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