Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Lord Looked Down

Technology has created an environment where everything is permanent.  For example, we can delete texts from our phones; however, if needed those texts can be retrieved through our phone companies.  Another example is the internet.  Once I post something on the internet, there is potential that it will be there even if I take it off.  Someone somewhere could do a screen shot and save it in a different place.  When a public personality says something, there is almost a guarantee that it is being recorded by someone.  In our digital world, it is so easy to have permanence to something because it takes very little space to store it as opposed to so much warehouse space being used in the past to save important information.  With all that said, it is pretty incredible that something written thousands of years ago is in our hands and distributed to more people than ever before!  Have you ever thought of what an incredible gift the Bible is to us?  Have you ever thought of how amazing it is that we can read the words that were penned by someone thousands of years ago when there was no digital storage and paper was a rare commodity?  This week, I am looking at psalms that show us the importance of recording events so future generations will know about the greatness of God.  Please use the link and read how the author uses his influence to make sure you and I know about God in Psalm 102.

At first glance, this psalm seems like someone lamenting his life; however, look at the psalm again if that is all you saw.  There is so much more to this psalm and I want to make sure we catch it!  In the middle of the lament, we also see such incredible hope.  The author wrote in Psalm 102:19-20 (NIV), “The Lord looked down from His sanctuary on high, from heaven He viewed the earth, to hear the groans of the prisoners and release those condemned to death.”  Wow!  Do you see what an incredible statement that is?  The Lord looked down to hear the groans of the prisoners.  But it doesn't stop there, He did this to release those condemned to death.  Do you realize this isn't just about a literal prison?  We have all been condemned to death because of our sin, yet God looked down and saw our distress and saved us through Jesus.  That is absolutely amazing!  I love how God's saving nature was written about even before Jesus had walked the earth - the hope of salvation was felt even before it happened.

But, the thing that is so wonderful is the author had a very specific reason for writing those amazing words of hope - for us.  He wrote in Psalm 102:18 (NIV), "Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the Lord..."  What does that do to your heart?  What does it mean to you to know that he wrote those words so that you and I can be encouraged in our walk with God and remember His saving grace?  Oh, how this reminds me how important it is to declare God's praises so that future generations can know that God is real, God is great, and our Creator and Lord looked down and saw our distress.  He saw our distress and saved us and we need to be a part of making sure that truth is planted in future generations.  This psalmist cared enough to make sure this was written so we would know - let's pass it on.

Do you think of how you can instill this truth for generations not even born, yet?

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